Youtube Rewind 2018

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Youtube Rewind 2018

The year is coming to an end. So, its time to wrap things up. For Youtube, this is through the annual release of its Youtube Rewind series video. Started in 2010, Youtube Rewind is an annual overview. It highlights the platform’s most defining moments. These cultural and musical moments include videos, trends, events, music, and people.

Its been a week since the latest Youtube Rewind release. But, it’s garnering a lot of attention for being Youtube’s 2nd most disliked video. Youtube Rewind 2018 has racked up a staggering 8.9 million dislikes in under the span of a week. This is second to Justin Bieber’s Baby video with 9.8 million dislikes.

So why is the video so disliked?

It’s disconnected from content creators and audience

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Innumerable upset viewers complain Youtube has strayed so far from its roots. Every passing year, the platform seems more and more disconnected from its community. This community includes it’s video creators and viewers.

Outrage sparked because PewDiePie wasn’t featured in Youtube Rewind for the second year in a row. Viewers argue that it’s incomplete without the likes of Shane Dawson and PewDiePie. These stars are the initial trailblazer YouTubers.

The platform forgets to credit the original content creatorsThose who originally grew and made YouTube what it is.

Youtube Rewind failed to include actually relevant details

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Youtube Rewind 2018 seemed to include more Twitch streamers than popular Youtube influencers. Even though this series was originally created to be an homage to YouTubers. These YouTubers are those who accomplished something great within the year.

However, this year it was more catered to celebrities notorious on other platforms. These celebrities include Will Smith, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver. It hardly showcased influencers known for their YouTube posts.

Notably, Youtube Rewind 2018 did raise awareness about real issues. Issues like mental illness and cancer got highlighted. But, it missed its mark by leaving out the biggest events on YouTube this year.

Its main aim seems to be appeasing advertisers

Controlling viewers-corporate table-human puppet

The title is YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind. This is ironic given how many disliked the video. The video should’ve been more popular.

However, the popular voice lacked representation. The platform filtered viewer wishes. It only fulfilled wishes that benefitted their corporate interests.  People argue the video is over-politicized and more about image.

It gives more precedence to advertisers and corporate board membersThe platform getting accused of suppressing videos to control traffic affirms this.

Is it even possible anymore to make a great Youtube Rewind video that pleases the majority? No. The market has become so saturated. It’s near impossible to recap the whole year without missing important details.

In 2010, the platform had less than 50 channels with over a million subscribers. This was back when the series first started. Now, in 2018 that number has well surpassed a thousand Youtube channels. To include every detail in under 10 minutes is near impossible.

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