Your Best Safety Solution Gate

Your Best Safety Solution Gate

Want a gate with a beautiful appearance yet has strong resistance to corrosion/oxidation and heat to safeguard your precious home?

BP Steel has the perfect solution for you! Having been serving our local community with stainless steel products since the early 2000s, countless stainless steel gates, doors and windows have been fabricated by us. With our highest quality materials, most advanced machinery and extremely competent team, designs can be customised according to your specifications so as to suit a wide variety of industrial, residential, commercial, and construction applications.


Also known as inox steel, stainless steel is a very popular material known for its strength and ornamental values. Widely used to achieve architectural aesthetics, stainless steel has been proven to be very workable and it shows excellent performance even at low temperatures.

It has the capability of retaining its structural integrity even if in the event of fire and is made to withstand harsh damages. Every single product of ours is made using advanced technology, while every stage of the manufacturing process is conducted and monitored by our highly skilled employees.

Additionally, we also deliver thorough testing as well as complete customer support to further enhance your trust in us. With our comprehensive range of stainless steel products, it does not matter which design or types of gates and window grilles you choose, the key purpose is to ensure the safety and security of your home. So install them for the peace of mind that you definitely need!

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