Why Do You Need An Inverter

Why Do You Need An Inverter

While electronic appliances such as air conditioners and factory motors are commonly used in offices and manufacturing, most people using the appliances and machines every day are just taking them for granted.

Most manufacturing machines can be made more efficient with an inverter.

The prime function of the inverter is to change the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). It is basically used in providing backup energy sources from a DC battery during power-outage, providing smooth continuity of electricity usage for the machines under any circumstances. Besides, the inverter is useful in adjusting the electrical mains’ frequency before powering the motors, maximizing the motor efficiency. Now, if you are wondering how these features can benefit your industry, you are about to learn more…

It helps you save costs

Energy Saving

By default, most of the machines are designed to be bigger and stronger than what you actually need. While this is technically an advantage as it prevents overloads, the excess energy used in the process are wasted. For example, if you have a pump that does not need to run at full capacity all the time, the inverter can change the mains’ frequency and slow down the motor operation, reducing the energy consumption and increasing the machine’s efficiency. If the operation speed of a pump is reduced by 10%, the estimated energy consumption will be reduced by 25%… thus saving a great deal of energy!

Maintenance Reduction

Besides that, the inverter’s capability to prevent energy wastage and provide backup energy during power outage is useful in prolonging the machine’s lifespan. With the existence of inverters, the machine will not be required to operate at its full potential every time, thus greatly reducing the strain on the motor. The backup energy sources also help to maintain a constant energy flow to the motor, which greatly reduces the risk of short-circuiting and other circuit abnormalities.

Therefore, inverters can help increase your machine’s lifespan and prolong the maintenance interval, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Considering all the benefits above, it is highly recommended that you install inverters for your machines to enjoy greater productivity and long-term energy savings.

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