VRgini – How a small start-up is developing virtual reality to revolutionize property showcasing.

virtual reality vrgini

VRgini – How a small start-up is developing virtual reality to revolutionize property showcasing.

Driven by passion and good old determination, a small startup in Malaysia is developing a virtual reality property showcasing tool with the potential to revolutionize property sales and the process of ownership transfer.

The idea to develop a smartphone application that is capable of creating a virtual space quickly and easily that users can move and explore freely came about while a member of VRgini’s team was promoting property sales to customers overseas.

Separated by geography, VRgini’s virtual showcase is next best thing to physically being on-site to inspect a piece of estate without needing to leave the room – a definite step up from relying on conventional photos with text, or a video that doesn’t convey any sense of depth or let you explore every corner. All that’s needed is a smartphone, an internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Finally making VR a reality for the average consumer today.

Although virtual reality has been around for a very long time (anyone still remember 19 years ago in the form of a Mechwarrior-esque game?) costs and technological limitations prevented it from reaching more widespread use.

VRgini also hopes that by providing a tool that doesn’t require any coding knowledge or specialised equipment the average user will be able to use it from the get-go. With so much accessibility VRgini hopes that it will spark off a flood of user-generated content that will in turn fuel the industry.

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Scheduled for a February launch, VRgini’s VR platform will allow anyone with a smartphone to set up a virtual space – by simply taking a 360 degree panel of photos of a real space and uploading it to VRgini’s platform.

From there, users from connected anywhere through the internet will be able to explore the virtual space by moving and looking around in it with full 360 degree panaroma. Think the “local view” from Google Maps but with the added feature of being able to move around freely.

But best of all all of that can be completed in about five minutes – but best of all promises to cost less than a dollar. It won’t be able to simulate smells, temperature and touch, but that may eventually become possible in future, as demonstrated by the “kiss sensor” that mimics the sensation of a kiss using a hi-tech pressure pad, or Gloveone’s pressure-inducing mitts.

virtual reality vrgini

VRgini to target Malaysian market first before expanding into Southeast Asia.

At the moment, VRgini plans to focus its marketing efforts within Malaysia first, to test the market and consolidate a market share before expanding into the rest of Southeast Asia, particularly to Singapore and Indonesia. VRgini has also hinted at the possibility of close cooperation with its partners in Egypt and the United Emirates.

And just like how online property brokerage took off a years back when its potential had not been recognized yet but eventually came to define the industry, VRgini is confident that their product will repeat this success.

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