Video Games | Past, Present and Future

Video Games | Past, Present and Future

Video Games & The Human Brain

A case study from the University of Electronic Science and Technology based in China — found out that participants who played 1 hour of League Of Legends experienced changes in their brain activity throughout the session.
Gaming league of legends hands on keyboard
The tests show that participants have improved focus in their gaming session as they are able to easily screen out environmental distractions.
29 male students were recruited by researchers to participate in the study. Some of them had been acquainted with action video games for at least two years while the others had fewer than 6 months of hands-on gaming experience.
“Visual selective attention” is the term the researchers used to reference the brain’s ability to focus while, at the same time, disregardless relevant information.
This visual selective attention of the students was assessed by the researchers before and after they played League Of Legends for an hour.
A deduction made by scientists concludes that people who are very good at focusing their attention while constantly being able to filter out environmental distractions show a very efficient use of their brains.
An electroencephalogram (EEG) machine was used to measure the brain activity of the students before, during and after the gaming session each one of them had.
The end results of the case study were that the brain activities of the experienced gamers and the inexperienced gamers were now comparable after the 1-hour session of playing League Of Legends.
We now know that visual selective attention increases significantly with participation in a video game no matter how much experience an individual has with a video game.

Breaking Technological Boundaries

Video games have brought us many advances in technology throughout the decades since the early 90s. Now the whole world has come to terms with understanding that video games can be a great resource for entertainment and an ally towards building a better society.
Virtual reality environments could only be dreamed of in the 90s are now one of the more popular developments in video games that has come to light with the support of companies such as Google LLC, Microsoft and Oculus VR.
We now have virtual reality headsets which help us visualize the digital worlds and be completely immersed in the surroundings. If you’re interested in picking up the best VR headsets you can find out there, check out TechRadar’s article on the best VR headsets you can find.
The gaming industry has also been breaking new grounds in training simulations which implement virtual reality as one of its main feature on being a 1:1 representations of actual situations.
An article on Forbes by Charlie Fink describes the detail that goes into Virtual Reality Training for civil defense and military forces. You can check out the original article to see more of what goes into hardcore virtual simulations.
The possibilities for VR training are endless as it can range from medical training to crisis simulations. Its potential would only keep growing in this digital age as the world progresses and technology will keep advancing.
Not only Virtual Reality, gaming has also brought about new cinematography elements such as live renderings of motion capture. Cinematography riding on the progression of advance game production methods has come a long way through the years.
Works in progress such as Kojima’s Death Stranding demonstrates the ability of motion capture to render fine details of facial expressions from actors, Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. You can check out the actual trailer for the video game on Youtube here.
Motion capture aside, video game development has also brought quad-copter drones to light with their inspired designs from Tom Clancy’s future warfare series of the novel inspired games.
The 4 motor drone designed is one of the 20th Century’s staple for unmanned aerial surveillance and consumer-friendly entertainment which generated mounds and mounds of aerial filmography content.
There are many other contribution video games have provided to the world after the boom in the market due to platforms like XBOX, PlayStation, and the generic PC platform.

Social Studies & Community Development

In the years that have come to pass, there’s one particular event in gaming history which intrigued government organizations and scientists worldwide which happened in a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called World of Warcraft.
There was a virtual pandemic, the Corrupted Blood Incident which began on the 13th of September 2005 and lasted for one week. The epidemic began with the introduction of a new update which introduced a new raid game mode called Zul’Gurub which has an end boss named Hakkar the Soulflayer.
The final boss would cast a hit point-draining debuff spell called “Corrupted Blood” on players as they confronted the boss. The spell was intended to last only seconds and function only within the new area of Zul’Gurub but an oversight in the coding resulted in a glitch that caused pets and minions to carry the spell effects out of the confined area.
An in-game global crisis resulted in the pandemic. Largely populated cities were evacuated as the spell ran rampant on every single player that came in contact with infected characters. High-level players would try to help the lower level players escape the city as the dead bodies started to pile in the wake of the pandemic.
A combination of patches and resets of the virtual world finally controlled the spread and everything went back to the way it was. This crisis sparked the interests of many different government bodies and organizations worldwide.
This virtual crisis was a valuable source of behavioral statistics of people when facing a crisis together. It was studied that the realism of the crisis is a scary representation of what a real-world crisis would bring.
Whilst there were a lot of players in the game helping each other out during the crisis. There were also players caught with malicious intent when evidence brought up an alarming behavioral report on them.
Some of these players were spreading the virtual disease on purpose with the intent to harm other players and preserve the state of chaos their world was in whilst also forming their own groups to further use the pandemic as their own form of entertainment.
A game where real people meet online and communicate is the last place anyone would expect to have a pandemic to occur. This confined environment closely represents our real life situation where people will always speculate about a global disaster happening.
Other than that, tonnes of communities have risen up in the age of multiplayer games and online platforms of entertainment. Video games play an irreplaceable role in having people on a global scale interact with one another.
We meet our friends most of the time but the newer generation depends on engaging their friends off daylight hours which can only be safely done in games.
Would you rather have your kids getting their entertainment and social interactions from home at night rather than having them constantly leave the house after dark right?
Safety is a priority and video games have brought a largely better approach to providing this without many compromises.
At the end of the day, video games play a huge role in making the world go round. It will always be the right direction as long as the creators and moderators of these virtual worlds and simulations know what they’re doing and want the best outcome for the people they’re catering to.
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