VFI Wi-Fi – Smart Customer Database System.

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VFI Wi-Fi – Smart Customer Database System.

VFI Wi-Fi System – A free Wi-Fi network that will help you build up your customer database system in a fast and easy way. Take advantage of our advanced networking infrastructure and stay one step ahead of the competition.

For the past 10 years, practically all business relationships with customers end prematurely at the point of sale. That is, when the product or service is received in exchange for payment – oblivious to the priceless wealth of information they are letting slip from their hand the moment they wave that customer goodbye.

In the age of the internet, however, this oversight will result in a loss competitiveness that will be felt hard and wide.

To an ever-increasing degree, in an economy dominated by the pervasiveness of the internet, the success or failure of a business has come to depend on a seemingly arbitrary factor – the number of “fans” that that business can convince to join its side.

Die-hard fans will return to it time and again – and voluntarily advocate the merits of that business to the masses.

And although the tangibility of the benefits that these fans bring are difficult to measure, their presence is truly a force-multiplier that will amplify the effectiveness of a strong marketing strategy exponentially.

And with it: the capacity to make money anytime.

Collecting crucial information on your customers is now easier than ever. As long as your shop has a WIFI connection, tapping into the intimate knowledge that your customers leave behind after their patronage is a snap using this system that you’re about to be introduced to.

Get friendly with your customer base, promote your products quickly and effectively and garner an even larger fan base – these are just some of the things that our system will help you achieve.

As the boss, let me worry about how and where to get that data – just tag along for ride and we’ll learn about the system together!

VFI Wi-Fi System Functions:

  • Send 200 Gmail messages at one time (up to maximum of 2000 per month)
  • Effective dynamic bandwidth allocation ensures consistent speed for the best user experience.
  • Use FB Messenger to make promotional and other announcements to individuals in your database.
  • Collate user data gathered from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (unlimited number of user data entries).
  • Indirectly improve business visibility; establish close relationships with customers (e.g. facilitate distribution of VIP services, promotional feedback).

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Free services provided:

  • Installation services.
  • Backend system management support.
  • After the login to provide the company’s advertising page publicity
  • Regulation services, including banning of accounts of abusive of WIFI user accounts.
  • Auto-login for customers; they only need to select their method of logging in (either via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).
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Operation process:

On connecting to the Wi-Fi system via their mobile devices, guests will be prompted to select a login method (either via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). User data will be collected upon login, with first-time users automatically recorded by the system.

Precaution: Android phone can login in to any browser except google browser, and IPHONE log in through any browser.

Attention Users:

  1. While logging into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Android users may not be able to do so from google.com and will have to do so from an alternative web, such as Yahoo or YouTube. iPhone users will be able to log in from any web.
  2. If the problem persists you will need to login manually by keying in some basic information.

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Main highlights of VFI Wi-Fi System:

  • Direct access to the internet users’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter information with no legal infringement: Facilitates dissemination of promotional activities to high-potential customers that have already expressed an interest in your products and services, which is far more effective than cold-calling.
  • Build friendly relationships with customers through VIP services and promotion feedback: Identify regular customers via the system’s login records and then use this information to focus your marketing efforts on individuals with the highest conversion potential.
  • Increase business exposure and visibility: Maintain constant contact with users in your database to improve trust. Gather critical feedback from their comments to base improvements of your products and services on and establish a reputation that will be the envy of the competition.
  • Even allocation of internet bandwidth to ensure users experience consistent internet speeds: Many businesses that employ Wi-Fi face speed allocation issues. VFI Wi-Fi eliminates this discrepancy for a better user experience.
  • Send 200 Gmail messages at once: Do you still send messages manually? Why not keep up with the times and make good use of VFI’s Wi-Fi System to automate this process and save time?

If you’re still worried about the price, let Xiaobian give you some reassurance! With a deposit of only RM300 we’ll set up the system for you – completely refundable should you decide to stop receiving our services in future.

This means that this Wi-Fi System is free! FREE! FREE!

With so much potential at stake it would be business-suicide to not grasp this opportunity! So if you’re a businessman in Johor, we urge you to take that first step to be part of the most disruptive technological advancement of the 21st century to build your customer database – and ultimately find success!

For more information, visit http://vfi.my/user-manual-guide/