Interview with Dino Sergiano from Validactor

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Interview with Dino Sergiano from Validactor

In this fast-growing digital world, e-commerce is really affecting the way people shops. While everyday e-commerce platform to make the sales process easier keeps coming in, the sales of counterfeit items also growing. In order to fight fake items and protect buyers and sellers, Validactor came into the market. We interviewed Dino Sergiano from Validactor to explain to us what is Validactor and how it works.

Why the name Validactor?

While we were thinking about the name we might have given our company, we came across a sparkling idea: we validate products acting as the main actors of the anti-counterfeiting process. The combination of the words “validate” and “actor” led to the name “Validactor”.

Can you explain more about Validactor and how you did come with the idea?

Counterfeiting is a plague that affects the entire world economy. It is a threat for final customers, manufacturers and for the whole distribution chain. The existing anti-counterfeiting solutions are either too expensive or too complex and/or extremely difficult to deploy. Validactor has squared the circle, by developing an easy to use, yet secure and powerful solution.

Can you explain how it works?

We make extensive use of a secure database and proprietary algorithms. We randomly serialize each product unit. Unit data is accessed via a graphic shortcut: the ubiquitous QRCode, that we have renamed VACode. Product data is stored in our reliable database and is easily accessible by any smartphone. By scanning the VACode on the product’ packaging or on the item itself, the customer reads product data from the database and thus checks the current product’s status.

Who is your target market?

Validactor was developed with no marked or geographic limitation. Any manufactured product can be protected by Validactor regardless its size, price, type and nature.

How do you market Validactor?

Validactor is a B2B product with a SaaS consumer-oriented platform. Therefore, we are able to offer customized solutions to the different market areas.

How do you attract manufacturers to serialize their products?

Product serialization is the most effective, cheap and reliable anti-counterfeiting approach. This solution doesn’t require any third-party device, such as RFIDs, and is immediately available, at no cost. Manufacturers love serialization.

Currently how many manufacturers and customers that are using Validactor?

Validactor has been officially launched worldwide only two months ago. Nowadays we can list dozens of small local manufacturers, based in different continents. We are also currently finalizing important contacts with mid-sized and big companies in different markets.

Products using Validactor

Products using Validactor

What are the difficulties you have encountered when you first started this company? What problems are you facing now? How do you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle has been to obtain funding. We started Validactor envisioning a new approach to an old problem. At the beginning our interlocutors were sceptical. Then we made the decision to fund the company with our own resources. We also faced the Italian Banks’ incapacity to join and support a new and challenging idea. As an innovative start-up we were supposed to get institutional support. But, on the contrary, we haven’t got anything!

Where is your Headquarter?

Validactor’s headquarter is based in Italy, we also have an operating office in Wien (Austria). We are planning to open offices in China, USA and UK.

Name the top 5 companies that you wish to partner with.

Nestlé, L. Vuitton (LVH), Samsonite, P&G, Coca-cola.

Where do you see this company in 10 years time?

I’m confident that Validactor’s logo will be printed on the majority of the products people normally buy.

Any other future improvements you want to create?

It’s important for us to maintain a big technological advantage with our competitors, if any. We have a list of new functionalities that have already been developed – although not yet released – a number of innovative functions we are currently coding and a very long list of planned features.

Which kind of talent do you wish to hire?

We are always looking for smart, hungry and curious humans.

Could you kindly share with me what is it like to work in your team?

According to what our employees report to the management team, is that anyone feels part of a small organization, which is targeted to become “the next big thing”.

Are you thinking of joining other startups business? As a co-founder/investor? What kind of market will it be?

At the moment we are totally devoted to Validactor.

A personal question about yourself. In your deathbed what do you wish that you’ve achieved? Spiritually? Career wise? Impact to the society? And what do wish that your friends and family will say about you?

In my deathbed I do not wish to suffer! I will be happy of everything I will have done in my life, regardless of the outcome. I hope that day is still far away!

What questions do you wish that I have asked more today?

None, and I wish to thank you for your time. Keep you up with the good work you are doing at iPRIMA Media

Special thanks for Dino Sergiano from Validactor.

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