Unique Clocks: Stylish decorative quartz table top and wall clocks.

unique clocks wall clock tractor

Unique Clocks: Stylish decorative quartz table top and wall clocks.

If it’s not a leaky alkaline battery that does your wall clock in then in all likeliness it’d be leaky LCD screen. In my case it was the latter, with the liquid also evaporating and condensing on the glass display and further obscuring it.

So it was time to look for a new clock. However, the effect of quantum mechanics on my brain cells dictated that I didn’t want another boring rectangular one. After a little searching, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Unique Clocks – an online shop with a whole bunch of, well, unique clock designs for sale!

Unique and adorable!

My first impression of Unique Clocks was how amazingly adorable the designs are and the quality of the workmanship.

There are vintage cars, old trains, wise-looking owls and brightly-lit Christmas trees, heart-shaped balloons and reindeer. Aside from the brightly-painted collectors clocks, there are also LED lighted table clocks which aren’t only gorgeous when turned on at night but also double nicely as energy-efficient reading lamps.

All of Unique Clocks masterpieces are of quartz clock mechanism. This means you can expect it to be everything from these vibrating-crystal machines, which are accurate down to a second a year and an expected to last to a little more than a decade. As a bonus, the analogue dial-faced varieties will also continue to tell you the correct time twice a day even when they run out of battery!

unique clocks quartz wall clock playful-kitten

Tom the cat eyes a little cuckoo in this classic wall clock. ($128)

unique clocks quartz wall clock vintage car

My personal favourite: A vintage Rolls-Royce-esque roadster table top clock ($328). Beautifully crafted with a metallic finish, this clock features two time faces – a nifty extra for a three-dimensional clock.

So worth it.

The clocks are a little pricey, though, ranging from $50 to $300+. Nevertheless, they’re masterfully crafted and finished and I think they’re worth splurging a little cash on, especially for a piece that you really love.

If not just for the pure ecstatic happiness that the gorgeous works-of-art bring, think of the massive endorphin rush you’d go home to after a long day at work.

The gorgeous clocks also make amazing gifts – a practical and (literally) timeless present that any loved one or good friend would appreciate for years to come.

unique clocks quartz wall clock owl

Unique Clocks’ wise owl wall clock ($128). Totoro, anyone?

unique clocks quartz wall clock spider

This creepy-crawley spider with wriggly appendages will satisfy the unconventional preferences of arachnophiliacs. ($128)

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