Types of Tutors

Types of Tutors

There are several types of tutoring specifically made available for students and this includes home tutoring, academic tutoring and online tutoring. Likewise, there are also various types of tutors and they are all specialised in different areas to help students with different needs to go through every stage of their academic journey. Remember, your child has his or her individual learning style, hence the process of matching a tutor with your child will be a very important one.

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General Tutors
A general tutor is someone who is proficient in a wide range of subjects and therefore he or she can provide support to students by helping them to stay on top of their work and study for tests, within the education system.

Pre-K Tutors
A pre-K tutor is someone who helps young children get ready for kindergarten. He or she will encourage them to read and learn and through these activities, children will begin learning the alphabet and basic phonics skills. Most parents will usually engage a pre-K tutor to increase the vocabulary as well as improve the comprehension skills of their young children.

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Specialty Subject Tutors
A specialty tutor is someone with specific skills in a broad range of subjects who will work closely with your child to help them achieve their individual goals in a specific subject. This type of tutors will be able to assist high school students or college freshmen in their advanced-placement courses.

Elementary Tutors
An elementary tutor is someone who helps school age children get used to standardised tests by building their core skills in every subject, especially in Mathematics, Science and English. Additionally, they also assist students in developing their own learning styles and strategies throughout their formative elementary years.

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Special Education Tutors
A special education tutor is someone who offers individualised tutoring for children with special needs, such as autism, dyslexia, speech or language issues. This type of tutors hold degrees in special education and they are able to work with children of different ages and abilities. They offer your special-needs child a source of educational support throughout his or her academic calendar.

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