Trump tweets wrestling video of himself pummelling fake “CNN” news.

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Trump tweets wrestling video of himself pummelling fake “CNN” news.

On the July 2, President Trump tweeted a 28-second depicting himself tackling a faceless person with the CNN logo tacked to his face.

The faceless man with the CNN logo tacked to his face seen beaten by Trump in the 28-second video is Vince McMahon, the owner of WWE and friend of Trump.

The video, edited from his personal guest appearance on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show “The Battle of the Billionaires” in 2007, was another of Trump’s responses to a slew of media attacks on his presidency and his personal life.

The move has sparked a firestorm of controversy, with journalists condemning Trump for purportedly endorsing violence against the media. A CNN spokesperson said that, “It is a sad day when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters,”

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Executive director, Bruce Brown, made a statement against the video saying, “We condemn the president’s threat of physical violence against journalist.”

Protesters came out in several cities around the country including New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Administration officials, however, say that Trump had the right to exercise his right to free speech to respond to his critics, with his supporters also calling out the media out for double standards in addition to bad reporting.

Trump also tweeted that CNN had “been exposed” for “garbage journalism” when the network retracted an article that claimed that senate investigators were investigating connections between one of Trump’s allies with a Russian bank. Three journalists resigned from the network as a result.

White House official and homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert defended the video, pointing out how it demonstrates Trump’s “genuine ability to communicate to the people”. He also added that no one would see the video as a threat of violence.

But while the media has been expressing its concerns of the video’s anti-media sentiments, it is mild compared to a recent publicity stunt that CNN’s Kathy Griffin pulled off recently depicting the bloodied decapitated head of the current president.

Source: CNA/NBC  

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