Top 5 Custom Made Furniture Companies in Singapore  

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Top 5 Custom Made Furniture Companies in Singapore  

Recommended Carpenters In Singapore:

Gold Pines Furniture Pte Ltd

Gold Pines Furniture is a Singapore-based carpentry company that delivers premium quality furniture as well as exceptional service along with the finest workmanship for both residential and commercial building.

Gold Pines Furniture specializes in custom made furniture as well as fabric & upholstery works and they also do notable work on their glass and mirror work. Not only do they deliver high quality and accurate workmanship, they also have a shorter fabrication period to meet market demands.

As for the price, the price of each custom-made furniture depends on material used as well as design, but definitely at a worthy and satisfied price. Gold Pines also deals a lot of overseas and development project which shows that companies from overseas trust this company with their projects.

Gold Pines also provide excellent after sales services so you don’t have to worry about rude workers as they have one of the most committed and dedicated workers on the market. Kindly contact them or visit their showroom at Woodlands for more details.


Barossa Furnishings

Barossa Furnishings is a furniture provider that provide custom solid wood furniture as well as furniture restoration services. They are specialised in offering hardwood beds, dining tables, living room furniture, storage units, and sculptures.

Most of Barossa Furnishings’ custom furniture are made from high-quality Burmese teak wood and are handcrafted by their skilful craftsmen and carvers at Woodland’s workshop. The prices of custom furniture vary depending on the materials and the design. Barossa furnishings also provide furniture restoration as well as modern and antique furniture repair.

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JS Furniture

Clients of JS Furniture vary from house owners to company clients. JS Furniture offers a wide selection of custom-made products. Their products ranging from personal pieces to sets for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Though prices of their custom furniture are based on materials and design, you can find the estimate standard furniture price on JS Furniture website. Do visit their website to view their portfolio and fix an appointment, or visit their workshop as well as furniture warehouse at 74 Sungei Kadut.


ATCO Interiors (

ATCO Interiors offers custom-made cabinetry, wardrobes, and storage solutions for both homes and offices. There are a lot of wardrobe solutions offer to house owners, including custom wardrobes with aluminium sliding doors, and custom wardrobes with wooden swinging doors as well as standard wardrobes or bedrooms.

Besides, ATCO Interiors offers custom-made built-in cabinets, storage units, TV consoles and feature walls for televisions, and also bathroom vanity units. There are also custom carpentry service provided for companies, including the installation of custom-made cabinets, reception counters as well as feature walls. ATCO interiors also provide repairs, re-laminating, and wardrobe door replacement services for their clients.


(Image taken from Atco Interiors)

Lux Arcana

Lux Arcana is located at 10 Toh Guan Road. They offers high quality leather, fabric, and teak wood custom-made furniture. One featured service provided by Lux Arcana is the sofa customisation service which customers can choose the sofa shape, sofa style, materials, and fabrics personally.

Lux Arcana offers a wide selection of fabrics and leathers for customers to choose from, mostly imported from Belgium. The replaceable custom-fitted fabric covers of sofa make it easier for customers to purchase and change different sets. Except of this, Lux Arcana also provides teak wood furniture customisation.

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