Top 5 Youtube MUA/ Make-Up Artists


Top 5 Youtube MUA/ Make-Up Artists

This is the era of YouTube content. MUA/ Make-Up Artists are among the lists of many talents you can find on the platform. Girls and guys struggling to explore beauty/ makeup owe thanks to the internet. Especially to the many YouTube MUAs and their tutorials. Now, many don’t find makeup and beauty as daunting.

New to the makeup/ beauty scene? Don’t know who the big names are? Here are 5 of the top YouTube MUAs. Definitely check them out if you want some makeup related insight!

1. MUA Bretman Rock


Bretman Rock Sacayanan is a Filipino American teen MUA who rose to fame at 17 through vlogging on YouTube. He is most known for his MUA beauty vlogs but love for him goes beyond. He’s known for being quirky, sassy, fierce, and larger than life in everything he does.

It’s no wonder he has millions of fans across multiple social media platforms. To get a picture of his following, he has over 11.5 million followers on Instagram alone. His MUA YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

Bretman has proved a breakthrough beauty influencer for being one of the few male MUAs in the industry. His influence is unquestionable.

He has his own collaborative Bretman Rock x ColourPop makeup collection. This collection includes lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, glitters, and blushes as vibrant as himself. All with eccentric names in Bretman fashion like “OMG I’m Wet!”. Besides that, he has a highlighter collection released in collaboration with Morphe cosmetics.

Bretman is a huge champion for diversity and LGBTQ rights. And, despite the many haters, he pays no mind to negativity.

2. MUA Huda Kattan


This American Iraqi beauty is of multifaceted talents. The finance major is an MUA, beauty blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur. After realizing finance wasn’t a long term passion she decided to study makeup.

She then became a Revlon MUA, racking up clientele like Eva Longoria. She made a big break after starting her very own blog on makeup tutorials and tips named “Huda Beauty”.

In 2013, she founded her very own cosmetics line named “Huda Beauty too. Her first product was a series of dreamy false lashes. These proved a major success and were even donned by Kim Kardashian. She then expanded her cosmetic line. With products including eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip liners, and highlighters. To add, she also has foundations, concealers, baking powders, and liquid eyeshadow products.

Her makeup line is known for being catered for diversity. Many other cosmetic lines fail to make cosmetics that suit more pigmented skin. Kattan is of color herself. So, she understood these struggles and thus made her cosmetics to fit any skin tone.

Kattan is popular across multiple social media platforms. She has a staggering 33.5 million followers on Instagram. And, over 3 million YouTube subscribers.

Her greatest achievements? She is ranked one of the Forbes “10 Most Powerful Influencers in the World of Beauty”. And, chosen as one of Time’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet“.

3. MUA James Charles


How did MUA James Charles first rise to fame? After demanding yearbook photo retake to quote, “make his cheekbones pop”. His retaken photo then blew up and the rest was history.

His start in beauty didn’t begin with makeup. Believe or not, it was in hair styling. After which, only did he explore makeup. Being gifted in art from such a young age, Charles found little difficulty to excel at makeup. He also attributes his MUA success to his supportive parents. He is completely self-taught from YouTube.

Not long after his first wave of fame, Charles received a CoverGirl contract. In 2016, he became the first ever CoverBoy at the tender age of 17. Now, he is a driving force in pushing the beauty industry towards becoming genderless.

Fun fact. Did you know, this 15 million YouTube subscribers whiz MUA is actually legally blind? Charles can’t see without the aid of contacts or glasses.

4. MUA Michelle Phan


Good things come in small packages. This Vietnamese American 155cm petite MUA is a beauty guru megastar. She’s a blogger, vlogger, MUA, influencer, and entrepreneur.

Phan‘s success in the MUA industry is unquestionable. She first came to fame through her YouTube channel and features in Buzzfeed videos. After consistently producing creative takes on makeup tutorials, she managed to amass nearly 9 million subscribers on YouTube so far.

In 2010, Lancome dubbed her their official video MUA. The following year, she co-founded the beauty subscription service MyGlam, later renamed ipsy. In 2013, she launched her very own makeup line with L’Oreal Paris called “em by Michelle Phan”.

The next year she built the talent network ICON in partnership with Endemol Beyond USA. She also partnered with Cutting Edge Group to launch Shift Music Group that same year. On top of all that, Phan is the author of her own book “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off”.

She attributes her fame to her YouTube MUA channel but has been on a long time hiatus since 2017. This was caused by legal and self-image issues.

5. MUA Zoella Sugg


Undoubtedly one of the most popular YouTube MUAs. She is YouTube beauty vlogger royalty through her MUA and lifestyle channel “Zoella”. This petite Brit is a blogger, vlogger, MUA, businesswoman, influencer, and author. Prior to this fame, she was an interior design apprentice.

She began with her blogZoella” in 2009. Then, expanded exponentially into YouTube. She quickly skyrocketed to MUA fame. She has appeared on multiple YouTube channels and networks. Her influence spans largely over many social media platforms. She now has a staggering nearly 12 million YouTube subscribers.

She has her own bath and beauty line Zoella Beauty, launched in 2014. And, has been the director of ZS Beauty Ltd, a perfume and cosmetics wholesaler since 2016. Besides that, she has released her own homeware products line. Recently, she collaborated with ColourPop cosmetics to release a limited edition makeup range.

Aside from her MUA and lifestyle expert endeavors, she has four published books. Her debut book “Girl Online” broke the record for highest first-week sales. The last time a first-time novelist did this was in 1998.

To top it all off, MUA Zoella is a big advocate for mental health awareness.

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