Top 5 Ways To Revamp Your Brand In 2017

Top 5 Ways To Revamp Your Brand In 2017

Every now and then, the digital marketers and business brands join their hands together to come up with a new branding scheme that would yield better results. Branding has become the necessity of this era. As we can find a large number of people on the social media networks and on forums and other platforms, it has become a necessity to run a digital branding scheme. Now, whether you do it online or offline, you need to step on some solid ground to make your point, right? This is why we have brought the top five ways through which your business line can engage consumers and increase their return on investment. They are as follows:

Envision your business and create your punch line

If you reach out to an advertising agency, the number one the experts will ask you is to give them your brand’s vision. Well, what?  Many business owners get confused when they are asked this question.

The number one way to revamp your brand in the present year is to come up with a strong motto and vision of your brand. What are you selling? Where do you see your business lien in the coming year? What are your goals? You need to have a clear-cut sketch in your mind about your brand’s future. Moreover, as the real goal is to attract more and more customers, having a strong and solid punch line for your brand wouldn’t hurt. We are all familiar with the joyful “I’m Lovin it” and the motivating “Just do it” punch lines, right? Wouldn’t you like to have one for your business too?


Extend your branding root to the social media networks

Without a doubt, the social media marketing services have won over the digital marketing platform. Whatever brand you pick, whether it is a famous food chain or a small sizes handicrafts business, you’ll see their remarkable online presence on every social media network. This is the number two domain that you need to target in order to revamp your brand. By making amazing promotional offers at the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and others, you’ll be attracting a huge audience towards your brand. Do the following practices to get a reward through social media network presence:

  • Post and share link to your official website/ e-commerce store
  • Generate cool content and informative videos for social media
  • Interact with your potential customers and answer their queries
  • Send out invites to your events
  • Invest in paid advertisement

Add creativity in the content

While going through an article, we came across the view of a Sydney-borne entrepreneur which impressed us a lot. It was something like this that, “Fact is, people go where the good content is—and this is no longer on TV. Social influencers are the honey pot of quality content, let’s face it. They will win consumer engagement over traditional advertising every time.” This gives us an idea of how the latest generation thinks, doesn’t it? The content plays an essential role in branding and so you should invest your time and effort in it. When it comes to content generation, you need to look forward to advanced ways if you wish to revamp your brand. Some of them are as follows:

  • Take a story-telling approach while writing content
  • Prefer influencer or user-generated content
  • Invest in visual content
  • Live streaming and short videos are on the run
  • Maintain an active blog

Adopt personalization techniques

Next in line is the most recent approach. It revolves around the implementation of artificial intelligence practices. One of the main ones is personalization. The customers these days are more interested in having a good interactive session with the brand. For this, personalization techniques must be implemented. One of them is the use of chat bots. These are the cute little boxes that appear as soon as the customer opens the website. These then look forward to answering the viewer’s queries and issues. The psych behind this is to help the customers and so they’ll help you build a successful brand.

Maintain brand consistency

While branding, we adopt many different practices. The overall theme and tone of these practices must align with each other. Your verbal brand voice, written content and visuals need to align with each other to deliver the same idea. Say if the verbal brand voice sounds loud, opinionated tone, while your written content delivers a soft, vintage feel; the overall branding experience wouldn’t do the trick. Thus, if you are looking to revamp your brand this year, make sure you maintain the consistency well.

These are the top five ways which opted instantly will bring change within no time. The key is in understanding the benefit of each way and implementing it in the right manner. The goal is to enjoy a successful business and you’ll get to do that if you generate more leads and increase your sales.

Junaid Ali About the author

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.