Top 10 Movies To Anticipate in 2019


Top 10 Movies To Anticipate in 2019

Going to the movies. It’s a favorite past time for most people. Here’s an article for all movie lovers to enjoy. Want to know what to expect this year for movies? Here are the top 10 movies to anticipate in 2019.

1. Captain Marvel


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This is the next big movie release and probably one of 2019’s most anticipated movies. Everybody has been dreadfully anticipating the Captain Marvel movie since we saw the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Finally, on the March 6 2019 release, we get to see the elusive character beaconed for help at the end of Infinity War.

Marvel fans will get to see Brie Larson kick some major butt as she takes on the role of Captain Marvel. for the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Champions for girl power rejoice too!

2. Avengers: Endgame


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What is a big release year without a big superhero movie lined up? The Avengers installments always send shockwaves through the box office. This one is 2 years in the waiting so all the more angst leading up to it.

After the elusive trailer came out during the Superbowl, fans are dying of anticipation. What to make after Infinity War? So many questions loom in fans’ minds after the trailer that didn’t give much away came out.

How will the remnants of the Avengers rectify the sh*tstorm Thanos stirred up? We will see soon. April 25 2019 to be exact. Mark your calendars Marvel fans! This is a big one.

3. Aladdin


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The first of a string of live-action remake Disney movies in 2019 to debut will be of Aladdin. This movie will have any millennial nostalgic. Remembering how much they loved watching the 1992 animated version.

This one is set to feature big named stars like Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith. Best part? Will Smith will be playing Genie.

Our oh-so-loved Disney movies growing up get a breath of new life. And get remade into a more refined, mature version.

Expect it’s release May 23 2019.

4. Toy Story 4


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Any millennial knows this movie hits close to home. We grew up on the original first 2 movies.

Many thought the iconic childhood favorite movie line ended when Andy grew up. Until a few years ago with the release of Toy Story 3.

Our favorite childhood story is far from over. Now we get another addition to the movie series we all grew up on. What to expect in the next installment?

Feel young-at-heart when you catch Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and more. See it this upcoming June 20, 2019.

5. The Lion King


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Yet another one in the line of Disney remakes to come out in 2019. This one will surely tug at our heartstrings and get in all of our feels.

Remember the great tale of family that we all loved so dearly as children? As well as the trauma and sadness we felt when Scar killed his own brother Mufasa? We do!

If you thought Aladdin was star-studded, think again. This is set to feature the likes of Beyoncé, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and many more.

See Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba, and many other favorite characters in this fresh remake. Expect it out on July 18 2019.

6. IT: Chapter 2


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People didn’t expect much from the last one but boy was IT good! Many don’t know that was only the first half of the horrific book. Expect the next installment and conclusion of Stephen King’s IT novel.

See the light-hearted kids from the first movie return in this one as adults. Played by Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, James McAvoy, and more. Of course, Bill Skarsgård will reprise his breakthrough role as Pennywise the clown.

Catch possibly the scariest clown ever return to big screens this September 5, 2019.

7. Spider-Man Far From Home


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2019 is a huge year for Marvel movies. We have Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame already lined up. To add, Spiderman Far From Home will join the two in this list of anticipated movies.

Savor this one as its rumored fans won’t get to see another Marvel movie for another year or so.

After all, what is a list of anticipated movies without a slew of superhero movies right? It’s what people know and love, and Hollywood producers know that.

The beloved and bubbly Tom Holland will reprise the role in his second Spider-Man movie. Mark the date of July 5, 2019, to see Spider-Man tackle another villain – true to the title – far from home.

8. Pokemon Detective Pikachu


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What millennial didn’t grow up obsessing over the Pokemon trend? Get excited! Your favorite Pokemon Pikachu is getting a live-action movie this year.

This one will showcase a Pikachu a little different from the “Pika- Pikachu!” we grew up watching. Watch Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds tackle a mystery to solve the kidnapping of his partner’s dad.

Pikachu and many other cool pokemons get a CGI makeover in this movie. Gotta catch them all! This May 9, 2019.

9. X-Men Dark Pheonix


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The last movie in the X-Men series, “Logan” was such a game changer. So touching. It reinvigorated hope for the movie series. After “X-Men: Apocalypse” left little to be desired in fans.

Rejoice as X-Men’s class 5 mutant turned supervillain gets her own movie. Watch the X-Men struggle to contain who many cite as the most powerful mutant.

X-Men fans have always felt the past representations of Jean Grey’s story in the early X-Men films didn’t do it much justice.

It’s about time we find out more about the super-mutant Jean Grey. See Sophie Turner reprise the role of one of Marvel’s most tragic superheroes. Await its release June 6, 2019.

10. Us


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Horror junkies rejoice! A good horror movie to come by is often far fetched nowadays. Comedian cum producer Jordan Peele is back. With yet another horror flick after his acclaimed success with “Get Out”.

The trailer doesn’t give much away. But, the gist of it is a family getaway turn living nightmare after the family gets some unexpected visitors.

Given how good “Get Out” was, this one will probably live up to it. Catch it soon in theatres March 21, 2019.

Mark the calendars, you don’t want to miss these movies!

We hope this list inspires you to go on more movie dates in 2019. Be it with family, friends, or your special someone. Have a great movie-going year.

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