Tips for Healthy and Happy Life

Tips for Healthy and Happy Life

Being healthy is not about going to the gym every day for 3 hours workout, and eating only salad leaves. It does help in maintaining the body shape in a short run, but can be easily collapsed.

The true healthy lifestyle involves taking on a series of healthy habit and work to the point that your body will automatically attempt it.

Then, the health and life will follow closely with you.

The following shows the 4 nice habits to a healthy lifestyle.

Jog for 10 minutes each day

When you are jogging, you will inhale an excess amount of oxygen than usual. This will be useful and enhance your sense and keep your mind sharp. Besides, jogging for 10 minutes can burn to an estimated amount of 97 calories.

Besides, being an active jogger can develop bones with higher density than others. This allows you to be significantly stronger than average people, hence being healthier.

Sit in Silence for 10 minutes each day

Our daily routine has no solitude and silent at all. We are mostly surrounded by multiple things that distract our mind, made us barely able to rest or focus. Hence, purposely finding a 10 minutes time to sit in silence can be a healthy activity for us. This gives us a chance to balance the busyness, a little rest to our mind, and be prepared to look into things from a broader perspective.

This habit allows us to rest, and be more positive in viewing any situations.

Sleep 8 Hours

sufficient sleep


I believe the phrase about a sufficient sleep can lead to a long life is quite familiar to you. Indeed, the scientific research has proven that those who slept for only 5 or 6 hours a day are 12% more likely to experience a premature death.

Sleep is important as it helps you to produce a component named cytokines. Cytokines are useful to improve your immune system.

Focus on Positive moment

Most people might think that being positive is irrelevant, but it works. If you can think positively and makes it your habit, you will be able to view a better side of every situation. Then, you will be a happier person, and more attractive to positive events.

Thinking positively also reduces your stress level that you can focus more energy to solve the problems that you faced. Hence, regardless of the stress comes from the problem or just the thought, being positive solves them all.

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