It’s time to start your business in Malaysia

start your business in malaysia

It’s time to start your business in Malaysia

There is a plethora of reasons why you should start your business in Malaysia. Malaysia’s economy is expected to flourish in the years to come. It is truly a land of opportunities especially for those who are looking to invest or start a business there.

Although Malaysia has been somewhat inferior in the emerging market due to a number of reasons, such as the depreciation of the ringgit as well as the selldown in huge sectors such as the banks… based on the CS’s extensive report, after 45 months of getting a total of 34% decline in Malaysian equities, the Malaysia market is making a comeback. The following are a few advantages that will inspire you to start your business in Malaysia.

1) Stable Economy

Malaysia economy is one of the most stable around the globe, with a steady development rate of at least 5% upwards. This might be one of the biggest reasons why Malaysia is one of the best countries for foreign investors to pump their funds in. The steady development rate contributes to the stable economy in Malaysia. A stable economy means less risk for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

2) Professional Workforce

The highly educated and skilled workforce in Malaysia attract foreign entrepreneurs like you to start businesses in Malaysia. The wide range of skilled professionals in Malaysia can easily fulfill the needs of companies from different industries.

3) Foreign professionals and talents

foreign talents you need to start your business in Malaysia

To catch up with the growing development and fulfill the increasing needs of labor, Malaysia also welcomes and proactively brings in foreign talents from many countries. This is to ensure that there will be no shortage of professionals and talents needed especially for foreign business owners and companies. That is why companies like Upass is there to provide consultancy, recruitment, as well as the supply and management of professional talents. Now you can settle all the pesky paperwork at this one-stop solution center. Complicated processes and paperwork are not a worry anymore when starting a business in Malaysia.

4) Dedicated Government

Whether you have a small local business, foreign business, or huge organization, Malaysian government is there to support you. The government is constantly searching for ways to better the country so it’ll be more appealing for more foreign investors and business owners to start their businesses here. Malaysian government has a big goal. It is to globalize the local businesses — to lead the local organizations towards a world-class platform. This will stimulate and skyrocket the nation’s economy.


5) Business Opportunity

business opportunity to start your business in Malaysia

Malaysia — one of the top 3 most visited destinations by international tourists in Asia. Numerous tourists and foreign investors love going to Malaysia as it is a growing business city. Many even decided to live in Malaysia. It is because Malaysia is a highly livable country with virtually unlimited business opportunities. Malaysian government gives plenty of opportunities to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, so that they would want to settle down here. The corporate tax rate in Malaysia is 25%. Also, it is very likely to succeed if you start your business in Malaysia, if you manage it wisely. Foreign entrepreneurs can source for skilled manpower easily for their business needs here.

Now that you know how beneficial it is to start your business in Malaysia, it is the time to take action! Whether you’re looking for an employment opportunity in Malaysia, or you’re a business owner who wish to employ foreign talents, the best way to find your solutions is through Upass!

start your business in Malaysia

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