Throwback Fashion – What is in Now?

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Throwback Fashion – What is in Now?

Fashion is constantly evolving. Nowadays, however, throwback fashion is all the rage. Many of today’s most popular trends are actually throwback fashion. Did you know that?

Any fashion expert will tell you that’s how it is. Trends come, and go, and come again. So, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to hold onto your old clothes. In case they make a throwback fashion comeback right?

Want to know what’s in fashion that’s actually throwback fashion now? Well, here’s a list of today’s most popular throwback fashion trends.

1. Biker shorts

biker-shorts-throwback fashion

Before short shorts were widely accepted as appropriate, we had biker shorts.  These were throwback fashion’s short shorts equivalent. Our most famous sporter of the Biker shorts trend? The late Princess Diana.

Now it’s perfectly fine to wear these shorts outside the gym. So, they’re making a popular comeback. Attribute its comeback to Kim Kardashian.  

Gone are the days of minimal clothing popularized by the 2000s. A little more is more now. Short shorts have taken the back seat to biker shorts. And, it seems it’s even giving the staple leggings a run for the money.

Pair it with an oversized shirt/hoodie, or a cute crop top and bam! Fashion forward outfit.

2. Overalls

overalls-throwback fashion

Funny how farmer fashion is a major throwback trend. They left us for a while but now are back in full force Now, overalls are so popular they’re even reaching “potential-cult item” status in the fashion world.

If you’re a millennial, you probably grew up in overalls. That makes this trend one that’ll win over any millennials’ heart through nostalgia.

The overall has even evolved into shortalls and skirtalls. Many high fashion designers have embraced the trend and released pieces in their collections.

They’re so easy to sport and look cute. However, this throwback fashion trend is cutest with its OG partner. A simple tee underneath.

3. Bandanas

bandanas-throwback fashion

Who first set this trend? Rapper 2pac! Contradictorily, this throwback fashion accessory was gang-related and gay-related simultaneously.

The trend is back after being featured on high fashion runways in 2018. With a chic facelift. Don’t expect those tacky paisley cotton ones we all used to sport as kids. Expect their chic aunt, the silk minimally patterned bandana.

Sport it to finish a cute outfit around your head, wrist, or neck to serve boho vibes. Bandanas are the best accessory that definitely won’t break your bank.

4. Ripped jeans

ripped-jeans-throwback fashion

Did you know this all-the-rage jean is actually a throwback fashion trend? They first debuted in the late 1980s during the heavy metal or hard rock era. The Ramones first popularized this look. Then, ripped jeans stayed through the 90s and slowly died out early 2000s.

In 2010, this throwback fashion trend was revived by H&M. Now, they’re so popular they give your run of the mill classic blue jeans the back seat. Easy to understand why. They look cute with anything.

5. Flannel Shirt

flannel-throwback fashion

Is your closet even complete without at least one flannel in it? Comfort or style, this throwback fashion piece offers both. Can you say you know someone who’s never sported a flannel ever? I think not.

Shirts retired from throwback fashion popularity for a while after tees and crop tops became the rage. Now, the shirt’s comeback is in full force.

Flannels are so versatile. Wear them as is, layered, or as an accessory around your waist. They can be laid back, comfortable or serve up sexy. If you aren’t in on this throwback trend you definitely need to give it a chance.

6. Large hoop earrings

hoop-earrings-throwback fashion

Can you go on a night out now without throwing hoop earrings with your outfit? They’re a staple given their versatility and range. Be it for a night out, girls outing, or movie date

Hoop earring first rose to fame in the 80s. They were the ideal accessory in the era of excess. What better way to make a statement than with earrings you can spot on from a mile away right?

Now they’re back and serve the same purpose of making a statement. This throwback fashion trend is here to stay.

7. Band Tees

band-tees-throwback fashion

Tees with bands that were popular when you probably weren’t born yet are the most popular graphic tees now. They were huge in the 90s when it was the rock era. Then, slowly died out in the 2000s when baggy tees and spaghetti strings took the spotlight.

In 2010 we saw this throwback fashion trend resurface with popularity. Now you can see anyone rock Nirvana, Guns N Roses, and other band tees. Regardless of age.

They’re suitable for any occasion. Dress up or dress down. With shorts, jeans, trousers, or a skirt. They go well with anything. If you don’t have one, you need one.

8. Fanny pack

fanny-pack-throwback fashion

This throwback fashion accessory used to be considered fashion travesty. Especially when its popularity died in the early 2000s. Funny how big a trend they are now. Big name brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Balenciaga are embracing fanny packs. All have revamped this throwback fashion piece and dropped pieces in recent collections.

They’ve now been leveled up to be a chic accessory. Sport one to finish off your look. Worried about it looking awkward? Stick to a smaller fanny pack with a thinner belt and you mimic high fashion right there. Countless stars and models rock a fanny pack regularly.

9. Chunky/ dad sneakers

ugly-chunky-sneakers-throwback fashion

Thiccer than ever soles inspired by your run of the mill 90s dad are in now. Bet you didn’t see yourself borrowing style tips from your dad, eh?

It seems what some fashion experts coin as “the ugly shoe apocalypse” is upon us. This is probably the most polarizing throwback fashion trend on this list. That refuses to remain dead in the 90s.

People are embracing this throwback fashion trend in the masses. Who to thank for the chunky sneaker revival? Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia. He broke the sneaker world when he dropped the Triple Ss in late 2017.

Now almost every sneaker brand has a chunky/ ugly sneaker to its name. LV, Nike, Adidas, FILA, and Gucci. You name it. They add uniqueness to any sophisticated ensemble.

10. Crop Tops

crop-tops-throwback fashion

Crop tops originally rose to fame after the sexual revolution in the 1960s and 70s. But, reached its peak then in the 90s. Then, died after the early 2000s. However, in 2010 this throwback fashion trend saw a revival. Now, it’s a stronger than ever trend that is here to stay.

Now, you can just about find any top in a cropped version. Be it a sweater, tee, shirt, tank, etc. You name it. It comes cropped too. This trend has by now cemented itself as probably the most popular throwback fashion trend ever.

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