The Nest Cafe Lounge Miri – A Classic Café With European Elegance

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The Nest Cafe Lounge Miri – A Classic Café With European Elegance

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Known for its classic theme with elegant European-styled décors, The Nest Cafe Lounge is the new check-in spot in Miri!

The moment you step into The Nest Cafe Lounge, it feels as if you’ve taken a time machine and travel back to the 1920s and put yourself in a beautiful place abroad.

The Nest Cafe Lounge is a brand new café in Miri. Its specialty lies with its decoration and the food it presents. It is the first of its kind and can’t be found elsewhere. The Nest’s interiors are fully furnished based on European British style. It successfully catches our attention and stands out among the many cafés, making it one of the best new check-in spots in Miri. We believe most Mirians are familiar with The Nest Cafe Lounge by now when we talk about it.  

So today, we decide not to fall behind the trend and take everyone on a journey to discover the story behind The Nest Cafe Lounge and the British cuisines it presents to us.

The Origin of The Nest

The Founders of The Nest Cafe Lounge

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The Nest is the result of a duo bros who met each other since high school for more than 20 years. One of the founders pointed out that he started working in the catering management in the UK after studying hotel management in Switzerland, so he has prior considerable experience in the catering industry.

The birth of The Nest is due to his encounter with a café he really liked in his trip to Germany, making him to have an urge to bring this concept to the city of Miri. Always holding onto his vision, he finally decided to turn his dream into reality last year as he deeply believed it was also the perfect timing to complete his dream café in the current Miri city. Therefore, he did not hesitate to contact his old friends who once said that they wanted to start a business together, realizing their dreams from the very beginning.

British celebrity chef Nicholas Oldroyd

Nicholas Oldroyd (Photo credits to The Nest Cafe Lounge Facebook)

In the early stages, due to the lack of experienced chefs, it was always impossible to turn ideas into action. Having known about this, the British celebrity chef Nicholas Oldroyd, who was also the founders’ friend in England, suggested that he could make a special trip to Malaysia to help with the creation of the café.

As a result, The Nest’s existing menus and food are all served by the British chef. The founders are very particular about the ingredients, so instead of introducing a variety of food choices, they insist on focusing on just a few dishes, and strive to achieve the same level and taste as they are in foreign countries.

Since they could not find the ideal ingredients in Miri, they also made a special trip to Kuala Lumpur to find suppliers who can supply their favourite ingredients in the long term.

The Interiors of The Nest Cafe Lounge 2

Photos credit to The Nest Cafe Lounge Facebook

Decoration wise, they want the café to give a feeling of going back home, thus they choose the retro style so the visiting guests can temporarily take a short break from the hustle and bustle of city life. This also explains why the café is named The Nest. Quoting the founders’ words: “No matter how high and how far the birds fly, they also have to return to their nest at last.

To further illustrate this concept, from store furnishings to furniture purchases, the founders do it all by themselves and even travel to China to choose the matching furniture. In addition, due to it being a café, they have strict requirements with the coffee machine and particularly select the famous brand from Italy, just to make a cup of quality coffee.

The Nest Cafe Lounge's Wine Cellar

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Though The Nest is a café, it also has a wine cellar, so that the middle-aged customers can choose not only coffee and tea, but also a glass of good wine. This is why The Nest is both a café and a lounge. Don’t you think this is a very thoughtful concept?

A Brief Look to The Nest’s Menu

The Nest Cafe Lounge's Menu

Photos credit to The Nest Cafe Lounge Facebook

The main courses of The Nest are primarily breads and cereals; all of which are freshly airfreighted from Kuala Lumpur, including the mouth-watering cakes and breads.

Eggs Benedict is probably the signature breakfast of The Nest, and is also one of the founders’ favourites. The smoked salmon on the Eggs Nordic is freshly brought from Brunei.

Sour Dough is a natural yeast bread and a special dish of The Nest. Crispy and full of buttery smell with smashed avocado plus other condiments, it sounds healthy and delicious!

Moreover, The Nest has also designed some gourmet dishes for guests who come for lunch and dinner. Apart from the burger and the Panini Sandwich, Flat Breads is the exclusive speciality of The Nest. The founders believe that pizza can be found everywhere, so they don’t want to parrot others and develop this special dish. Its thickness is a little thinner than a thin crust pizza, and it has a crispy taste!

The Nest Cafe Lounge features a luxurious and enjoyable quality environment. After enjoying the breakfast here, you can possibly feel energetic and motivated for the rest of the day! If you haven’t been here before, just go with your friends to have an afternoon tea and enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

Finally, what we really appreciate the most is the founders’ entrepreneurial, “to be the best, or not to be”, spirit. We believe this is the reason why the opening of The Nest Cafe Lounge is setting off a boom in Miri. Thanks to The Nest Cafe Lounge for providing a new quality choice for the patrons, we are confident that it will definitely become a proud tourist destination in Miri!

For more information, visit the Facebook page of The Nest Cafe Lounge today! 

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