The Coolest Trinkets & Gadgets Online | Crazy All Deals

The Coolest Trinkets & Gadgets Online | Crazy All Deals

Crazy All Deals brings you the latest unique gadgets, decor and wearable brands you could possibly find online! You’ll get hot deals on items all the time! The site features items that have been cherry-picked from reliable and quality suppliers all over Asia. They’ll even ship it to you for free! Absolutely no hassle of managing shipping fees!

Here are our current 3 top picks of the month that you could get on the site!

  1. Tritium Keychain

How cool is this? The GlowFire keychain by nite is a light emitting keychain that lasts for up to 25 years without the need for batteries! The keychain will emit a faint luminous glow which is useful for finding things in the dark.

It’ll be a good companion for your outdoor tools or even your very own set of keys. Imagine dropping your keys in the middle of the pitch black night! It won’t be so much of a problem anymore.

The GlowFire is made up from a hard shell case that will not break unless you put a tonne of force on it which is generally never a good idea for every keychain if you want them to last. Safe to say that the GlowFire will stand the test of time due to the superb thickness of the shell!

Get your GlowFire tritium keychain here:

  1. Reusable Notepad

A reusable notebook that can instantly be uploaded to your Google Drive folder? Yes it exists! Everlast’s Rocketbook is a reusable notebook that is used with a special proprietary pen which can be bought after the previous pen runs out of ink.

Things drawn or written in the notebook can be easily snapped and uploaded to online platforms via mobile app! Then when you’re done, you can just clear the pages with a moist paper towel or cloth. Talk about being waterproof and Earth-friendly at the same time!

You can get your notepad at Crazy All Deals with the following link:

  1. Three Dimensional Light-up Lamp

3D Lamps are a pleasant surprise to the decor market. It presents an elegant yet creative way of lighting up a table or shelf! The design will be a surefire way to peak your guests interest in the finer details of your little light source.

Aesthetically pleasing with a soft glow, you’ll be able to set this decor almost anywhere that needs a touch of light. It could even make for a great present for almost any of your family members or evn your significant other.

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