The All New SL1000 Smart Communications Server

SL 1000Smart communication server

The All New SL1000 Smart Communications Server

  Imagine this. You are an executive or entrepreneur with a reputation for making things happen. Except today, things didn’t happen as you had planned.  

You left the office for a quick coffee break with a friend and BAM! A high profile client calls in with a million dollar opportunity that you need to approve ASAP.

Disgruntled with you not taking his call, he impulsively terminates your contract and finds a better handler. Walking into the office you are confronted with the carnage of your absence.

To top it off, you pregnant wife went into labour an hour ago, and now you’re rushing to the hospital wondering, whether you can still make it to the biggest moment your life. All this while hoping you haven’t completely lost your reputation.


Sounds like an episode of a comedy, but this happens more often than you think. It’s painful and completely preventable. Here’s how:

The all new SL1000 Smart……. Can do it all, except make you coffee.

Unified Messaging

Voice Response System (VRS)


VRS gets your productivity skyrocketing. As your clients won’t call every single line, you have in your company just to find the helpdesk counter. One of the greatest features VRS provides – is the multiple-level Automated Attendant (up to 48 greeting messages). This should be enough to lead your most annoying customers to the specific desired extension without hiring another telephone operator. Also, there are initially 4 channels equipped, but you can expand this up to 16 channels according to your corporates’ needs. If you have lots of fans (or lots of complaints to receive), you’ll need this.

Voice Mail


Loss of messages is a loss of opportunity. A cup of quick coffee might put you in the face of adversity. SL1000 powerful Voice Mail is your solution to all your lost messages. A choice of 15 or 40 hours of recording time, it makes the job of record keeping extremely easy.

Message Notification

Now, even you’re not in office, you’ll still get notified when somebody calls in and leaves a voice message. SL1000 automatically sends a notification informing you have received a new message to your pre-assigned number (whether it to be another extension, mobile phone, home, etc).

Conversation Recording

A great way to deal with your annoying customer/employee, who’s constantly rewriting conversation history. Although we all know that voice records aren’t admissible in court as evidence, but it should be enough to keep them accountable and on their toes.

Mobility (Dual Forking)


Mobility is the key to success in expanding a business. But, why so? Cause as an SME owner, you’re destined to bear a lot of work on your shoulder, which means you won’t be around a lot. At these times, all you need is to able to multi-task with your own errands and getting the important calls from the office. This way you get to increase your productivity while still maintaining your responsiveness to your clients.

Dual forking makes your mobile behave like an internal extension. So, there’ll be no more missing important calls when you are away from the office.

Office/Home Guard

Auto Warning Message


Hire no more home guards, cause SL1000 can do what they do. Even better. Even creepier…

You can record your own message (or even a creepy sound of a child crying) and play it repeatedly over a period of time. Now, get your CCTV camera ready, and prepare to watch the intruders pee their pants!

Alarm Sensor Support


Connect a 3rd Party Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) or motion detector to the SL1000, with the  built-in Alarm Sensor Support. Now, it warns the intruders when there is a forced break-in, and protects your company against vandalism. Once the PIR sensor is triggered by an intruder ( or maybe a large rat) passing the corridor, it acts like a siren and plays a pre-recorded warning message through the built-in speaker of the telephone.

Have the coffee all you want and not to worry about a thing! Secure your million dollar business, and be the superstar of your company; never having to miss out another big day of your life, and be a real parent at home. With the all new SL1000 smart communication server, you can do this all in just one button. Be here. Be present. At work or at home, now you have the chance – to be all there!

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