Tesla Model 3 launches affordable long-distance electric car.

tesla model 3 electric car

Tesla Model 3 launches affordable long-distance electric car.

Tesla has released the Tesla Model 3 electric car and is the only electric car on the market to boast a maximum distance of over 200 miles per charge at US$35,000, which it hopes will put the car manufacturer into the mainstream market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the first to own the Tesla Model 3 with his personal car the first to be built at the Fremont, California assembly line.

In addition to its range and price range, the Tesla Model 3 will feature autopilot hardware, enough seating for five adults, fast-charging capability and the ability to accelerate to 60 mph under six seconds.

The vehicle can be charged from anywhere with a power socket at a rate of about 52 miles per hour of charge time.

Although he hopes the Model 3 will propel Tesla into the mass consumer market, its current plans will “put a strain on its current support system and dealerships” as it tries to compete with mass-producers like General Motors which has the capacity to build 10 million vehicles in the same time it takes Tesla to build just 84,000.

Tesla’s low building capacity has raised criticism over the Model 3’s long-term competitiveness as other car manufacturers enter the market with their own affordable models, which will likely cost even less. A Business Insider writer has said that Tesla cars are simply an expensive hobby for rich technologists.

Nevertheless, the first 30 vehicles will be delivered to customers at the end of the month, with the car manufacturer planning to build the next 100 in August, 1,500 in September and 20,000 in December. The company plans to ramp up production to a total 500,000 vehicles by 2018, with the Model 3 making up 80 per cent of the total.

Its closest competitor, the Chevrolet Bolt EV with a 238-mile range will cost US$37,495 which went on sale late last year.

Over 115,000 people had placed a reservation order for the Model 3 when it was first shown on 31 March 2016, which grew to over 325,000 by April 2016. A deposit of US$1,000 to place a reservation.

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