13 Year Old Miri Boy | Winner of NASA mission patch design

13 Year Old Miri Boy | Winner of NASA mission patch design

A very proud moment for Malaysian when the 13 year old Teng Wei Rui from Pei Min Secondary School, Miri Sarawak has earned the recognition of America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Teng Wei Rui with his friends at SME TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub, patiently waiting for the exciting video conference with Nasa.

He and other four winners of the prestigious NASA mission patch design competition was selected as winners and earned themselves a video conference session with a NASA expert happening at 7.30pm.

The NASA mission patch design competition is organised by Tynker in partnership with NASA.

Miri Nasa

The winning design by Teng Wei Rui

Mind you, Teng Wei Rui were able to be amongst one of the 5 winners going up against 10 thousand other participants. The other 4 winners were respectively from Sri Lanka and 3 from the United States.

According to trainer Teo Yuang Teck, from Realfun Learning Centre, a certified Blue Ribbon Educator by Tynker at SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub in Miri Time Square, Teng only joined the coding class in October last year! How amazing is that? He was able to show great achievement in such short period of time.

It’s a dream come true, empowering children to make an impact to the world even when we are living in Miri. I hope more children will follow his footsteps and learn how to create things and applications themselves and put their name in the world,said Teo.

The student and teachers will have the honour of having a video conference call with an amazing NASA scientist Dr Jitendra Joshi at around 7.30pm, 24th May 2019 at SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub.

Jitendra is the integration lead for Advanced Exploration Systems and handles technology development in life support and habitation for many various flight experiments, would be talking to them from US!

Stay tuned for more updates from us. We will be covering the video conference live from SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub.

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