Tea Co. – Winning Your Heart With Perfect Milk Teas and Pastries

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Tea Co. – Winning Your Heart With Perfect Milk Teas and Pastries

There is a saying that the mushrooming of bubble tea shops is taking the Miri city by storm. Indeed, the recent opening of Tea Co. is a solid evidence that backs up this fact. Tea Co. subverts the initial characteristics of a bubble tea shop by adding a new charm, i.e. the freshly-baked breads and pastries. The Ma Ngi & Jununpiang are their brainchild for combining both tradition and innovation together!

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The founders of Tea Co. are a young couple who owns I Doll Fashion, a retail clothing store in Miri. Always up for new challenges, they decide to step into an entirely different industry with their self-established brand “Tea Co.”, with the slogan of “sipping tea together during free time.” With a beginner’s mindset, they are willing to learn the technical know-hows from scratch, be they beverage mixing & blending or bread making techniques. This is all because they seek to meet high standards and satisfy the taste buds of the patrons. After all, they understand that it is going to be a long and arduous journey for amateurs like them to build their own, exclusive brand from ground up.

Tea Co.'s Bobo Milk

Tea Co.’s Bobo Milk (Image via Tea Co. Facebook)

Their signature drinks include Bobo Milk, Brulee Series, Fruit Tea Series and Classic Milk Tea Series. Bobo Milk is a drink with its own value and strength. Its brown sugar is exclusively homemade, giving an extraordinary flavour which you could never come across outside.

Tea Co.'s Brulee Series

Tea Co.’s Brulee Series (Image via Tea Co. Facebook)

The Brulee Milk Tea – a popular girl’s heartthrob – features a rich Brulee flavour that matches well with the original milk tea, is giving an unforgettable experience! Its appearance is simply enough to win the heart of a girl, let alone being a main character of a selfie!

Tea Co.'s Fruit Tea Series

Tea Co.’s Fruit Tea Series (Image via Tea Co. Facebook)

If you love their milk tea series, then we are sure you will love their fruit tea series as well! They have Fruity Burst, Grapefruit Burst, Orange Burst and Pineapple Burst (limited time), etc., which are all loved by Mirians! Fruit tea is a four seasons drink that has a thirst-quenching effect. Is there anything better than sipping a refreshing fruit tea on a scorching hot day?

Tea Co.'s Jununpiang & Butter Jununpiang

Tea Co.’s Jununpiang & Butter Jununpiang (Images via Tea Co. Facebook)

In addition to drinks, another highlight here is of course their Jununpiang & Butter Jununpiang! The Butter Jununpiang is made by smearing the original Jununpiang with a layer of butter. Its faint buttery flavour has captivated countless taste buds!

Tea Co.'s Ma Ngi

Tea Co.’s Ma Ngi (Images via Tea Co. Facebook)

A traditional snack in Fuzhou, China, their Ma Ngi features a sweet but not oily taste that is much favoured by adults and children. It is also worth mentioning that both of these pastries are made by hand by the founders who personally went to Bintulu and learned about it from a chef.

Tea Co.'s Interior 2

Tea Co.’s Pinky Interiors (Images via Google)

Apart from that, the pink decor of Tea Co. is even more so winning the hearts of Mirians and setting off a wave of enthusiasm. Almost everyone comes here for a photo-shooting session. A dimly lit interior, coupled with the girly pink, is making it easier for you handsomes and pretties to take awesome photos!

Tea Co.'s Interior 1

Tea Co. provides a calm and relaxing environment to you and your friends! (Images via Google)

The heart-winning Tea Co., is your new check-in place to drink quality teas with your friends. If you haven’t been there before, you’re really out of the trend, aren’t you? Hurry up and JIO your friends to Tea Co. and take Instagrammable photos today!

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