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13 PLACES TO VISIT AT SARAWAK, MALAYSIA [caption id="attachment_12594" align="alignnone" width="990"] Shutterstock [/caption] WHY VISIT SARAWAK? Because it has established as one of  Malaysia’s largest states, Sarawak is a refuge of natural landscapes with various national parks, nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and dozens of attractions that never cease to...

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Officiation of Business Events Consortium of Miri (BECoM) Feature Image

Celebrating Miri’s Milestone with Business Events Consortium of Miri (BECoM)

Business Events Sarawak's inclusive plan to expand Sarawak's prominent cities as lucrative meeting and conference destinations continues into Miri with the launching of the Business Events Consortium of Miri (BECoM) at Pullman Waterfront Hotel, Miri. The culmination of the series of events with BESarawak: Tribal Gathering...

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Palate 2.0

The Palatable Palate 2.0

Your Go To For THE BEST fine-dining experience Palate is one of the BEST western restaurants in Miri with a high-end fine dining experience! How do you pronounce Palate? Many, including myself always mispronounce the name of this amazing place! It’s pronounced as “PALEY”. Well that’s...

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