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5 Miri Camping Sites

Are you outdoorsy? Like adventure and nature? If you do, you must enjoy camping trips. Have you been on a camping trip at one of Miri's camping sites though? It's an experience of a lifetime. If you don’t like camping or haven't camped in Miri,...

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Gold Noodle House Feature Image

Gold Noodle House: DIY Your Own Instant Noodles!

In memories, there’s a delicacy called instant noodles. It’s the driving force for endless OTs; it’s also the go-to food for suppers; it’s even our childhood memories! Simple taste; yet an important existence. The unspectacular instant noodles have become one of our daily necessities.     Mirians, we love to be the bearer...

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Miri Beaches

Beach, Please!

Whale, hello there! via GIPHY This week's topic is the stunning beaches we have here in Oil Town Miri. Everything changes but one thing that doesn't..is the beach, even if people who visits it do. The beach is without a doubt, one of Mother Nature's greatest gift to...

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