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Quick Fix! 6 Quick Maintenance and Repair Guides For the Working Millennial

Here are a few easiest quick fix solutions for the most common headaches. (Disclaimer though! These easy quick fix solutions mostly aren’t permanent. If your problem is beyond your expertise and the scope covered, chances are, you do need a professional. It sucks to have to pay to...

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Ferrous Metals: A Primer

You may have heard of ferrous metals – but have you ever wondered what they are? Derived from the Latin word for iron (ferrum), the term ferrous is used to describe metals that contain iron. Examples of such alloys include steel and cast iron. Below, we...

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Why You Should Become A Tutor

Tutoring is an interesting and fulfilling profession, which requires the right attitude and genuine passion for teaching. Being a tutor not only allows you to develop a long lasting and fulfilling career, but also provide you a great opportunity to help others academically and to...

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