How Does It Work – Supercharged Engine

supercharged engine

How Does It Work – Supercharged Engine

People are searching ways to boost the power of their vehicle. Without increasing the size of the engine, the only way is to increase the airflow into the engine. A supercharged engine may be your solution.

Supercharger is a device that increases the intake air pressure. Turbocharger also does this – in fact, turbocharger is officially called “turbo-supercharger”. They are both forced induction which means they forces air into the engine. Remember the concept. More air, more power. Supercharger and turbocharger are designed to serve the same purpose.

supercharged engine

There has always been a controversial debate between the use of turbocharger and supercharger. Today, Advance Turbo is sharing how a supercharged engine works.

An ordinary engine creates a vacuum to suck air in with atmospheric pressure. It is then combined with fuel to create a reaction called combustion. It is a chemical reaction which releases a great deal of heat and energy. This accumulation of energy forms a force and is eventually transferred to the wheels.

supercharged engine

A supercharged engine is another story to tell. Supercharger connects with your engine’s crankshaft with a belt or chain. It increases the air pressure of the intake air without creating a vacuum. To do that, it must spin swiftly with a higher speed than the engine itself. Only then, enough air is drawn into the engine to reach the perfect ratio of 14:1 of air and fuel to combust. The efficiency of a supercharged engine can be boosted up to 150%.

Here comes its downside. As the speed increases, so does the heat. The hot air with lower density decreases the power dissipated after the combustion. The efficiency of a supercharged engine is limited. Because it uses the horsepower of your engine to rotate the belt, to further create more horsepower.

Intercooling system improves this situation. Both air-to-air or water-to-air designs serve the same purpose, to cool down the hot air exiting the supercharger. The system is built at the exit of the turbocharger with flowing cool water or air. This ensures a low temperature and high density of intake air into the engine.

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