Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019: A Throwback

Startup Weekend Miri SDG Group Photo

Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019: A Throwback

Ever wondered what Sustainable Development Goals are all about? They are a set of 17 global goals with 169 targets in total aiming to tackle issues around the world ranging from poverty to pollution. What’s more, they form the core of the Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development, balancing the economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainable development.

Nevertheless, the Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019 that happened at SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub from March 22 to March 24 was definitely a thrilling and eye-opening experience. The event had gathered the most brilliant minds together to pitch innovative ideas and contribute their skills and specialties to support future sustainable development.


In fact, the 3-day event was a celebration of entrepreneurship among some of the most diligent and innovative startup teams. 6 different startups pitched and took advantage of this platform to develop their ideas into an impactful business. Having pushed their fledgling ideas to the entrepreneurial extreme, the top three winners that made it through the challenges and emerged victorious are respectively SIKE.Co, SEFCOM, and FireWorks.

3rd Place: SIKE.Co

Third Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

Third Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

Unisex clothing has always been boring. However, you now have SIKE.Co to present you your aesthetically pleasing fashion. is a fashion brand that seeks to tackle gender differentiation, as well as unemployment issues. Thus, the startup would like to hire locals with the skills or willingness to learn, as well as to provide non-gendered clothing while also implementing local art into their designs.

In essence, the team wants to make an impact on people’s mindset, perspective and dissolve the stigma of how a gender should dress. Loves traditional printing but the style seems outdated? will satisfy your every fashion needs.

Now traditional printing will be on the trend! SIKE!

2nd Place: SEFCOM

Second Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

Second Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

It is not pleasing to feel unsafe in your neighborhood where you have to constantly worry for your family. SEFCOM is an one-touch emergency response app to connect an individual to government services, close relatives, and the communities simultaneously.

With geolocation, nearby 1st responders are alerted via crowd input. Furthermore, display on emergencies and alerts on a GPS-supported map help visualize the happenings in a neighborhood. Ultimately, the app is positioned as a supplement of security options to neighbouring resident groups.

SEFCOM? More like, Safe home!

1st Place: FireWorks

First Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

First Place Winners at Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019

Hot stuffs too hot for you to handle? No more worries! FireWorks is your smart fire solution that brings you flying firefighters to do the work for you!

The team behind it aims to help firefighters conquer their challenges more effectively by using modular drones that can have varieties of parts attached to it like an extinguisher grenade or a first-aid kit.

Moreover, the drone also records data where environmentalists would analyze the data to predict wildfires and other disasters so that firefighter can be more prepared.

FireWorks, your hot damn easy, efficient and smart solution!


All in all, the organizers hope that the event has managed to realize the goal to create an environment where passionate youngsters come together to solve problems and make the future more sustainable.

Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019 Local Sponsors

Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019 Local Sponsors

Besides, they would also like to thank the event sponsors, namely Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC)SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub MiriHitz.fmAgrobank and Hornbill Cafe for making Startup Weekend SDG Edition 2019 a raving success.

All images in this article are courtesy to Glen Pengiran Of Narufilms.

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