Startup Artists: Started From The Bottom Now He’s Here

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Startup Artists: Started From The Bottom Now He’s Here

Becoming a successful performer is a dream of many aspiring startup artists. Breaking into the industry and finding singing jobs, however, can take a combination of luck, talent, and timing – it’s much more complex than simply deciding, I want to sing! Getting an early start and making an honest assessment of your burgeoning skills can help you chart a path to success.

Clinton Jerome Chua

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Clinton Jerome Chua is a fresh new face that is just starting out in the music scene. His genres include R&B, Pop, Soul, Jazz and he sings in both English, Bahasa Melayu and a little bit of Mandarin.

He started his musical journey from church and since then has performed at various conferences catering to hundreds and thousands in Borneo.

CJ recently released his new single “Rewind” last June, his first single after 5 years and he’s bringing a new vibe to his new music and killin’ it! We got the opportunity to interview him about how he first started his career as a singer and here are the tips yall should know!


These are the questions :

1. What tips can you tell people who want to be like you in a music career?

” I’m nowhere near where the greats in the industry now are, but one of my main tips would be, don’t mind what people say about your craft. Take constructive criticism and do your thing! “

2. How do you tell constructive feedback from non-constructive ones?

” Hmm, I think for that, personally. If it’s something that comes from a sincere place of a person and it’s not meant to hurt but makes you really think and ponder I think that would make it constructive.”

“It’s sort of the intention behind it. I would say measurement, I’d say it’s about keeping an open mind. A 5-year-old might be young but some can have great insight and not all grown-ups are mature to give advice or point you in the right direction that suits you just because they’re “older” if that makes sense.”

Clinton Jerome Chua

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3. Things you wish you knew when you were young?

” I wish I knew how important time is when it comes to pursuing a career in music. Time waits for no man, so get up and do it! “

4. What things are considered effective time usage and what are time-wasting?


Effective time usage:
1. Write more songs
2. Study other musicians
3. Catch more live shows to learn from other singers and musicians
4. Meetups with musician friends to exchange ideas etc

Time wasting :
1. Continuous Netflix
2. Sticking to the same routine in doing things over and over again without learning something new
3. Dwelling on mistakes instead of learning from them

5. When you first startup, what are the main struggles that you personally went through and how did you overcome them?

” There were many areas which I struggled with, having to go through anxiety and depression I struggled a lot with self-confidence, seeing a lot of people who I feel are better than me really questioned my self-worth and talents but I overcame it by learning to love myself more and understanding that everyone’s journey is different and that every one of us are unique and special in our own way. “

Clinton Jerome Chua

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6. Is there any blessing in disguise? Things that look like a failure but turned out helping you in your career?

” Not one I can think off at the moment, I’ve had some setbacks such as being let go by labels, not being able to pursue opportunities because of certain circumstances, but I guess when it comes to experiencing failure which we all do, I believe something better does come out of it which led me to where I am today and I’m so grateful. “

Clinton Jerome Chua

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7. If you would advise people who want to be an artist now, what should they do?

” Don’t waste time (create music whenever you can), save money (producers aren’t cheap), and if you don’t wanna spend money on producers, learn the skills in producing a song (GarageBand, Ableton, etc) YouTube and Google are more helpful than you know. “

8. Is there anyone you want to shout out to? Maybe they helped you in your career or they have been there in tough times?

” My parents who believed in me and never stopped me in pursuing what I want to pursue, my close friends who have been there to catch me when I fell and of course PrimaBuzz for always supporting local! “

You know the truth guys, you spend all your time singing and have secret dreams of making it big as a performer. You probably know that the road ahead is difficult and takes a lot of work, but becoming a professional singer can be done if you cultivate your voice and style, invest in some essential equipment, find opportunities that allow you to sing in public on a small scale, and promote yourself using Youtube, Smule App, demos and other tools of the trade.



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