Starting a Business At a Student Budget

starting a business

Starting a Business At a Student Budget

Do you have a dream? — A dream of owning a business of your own…

Believe it or not, many students are already daydreaming about starting a business or their own brand/company in class. But what breaks them away from this sweet sweet dream?


Sometimes it is the teacher… but most of the time, it is their own mind telling them, “Stop dreaming about starting a business, I am too broke for that!” or “I have no time to invest in a business, I can’t even pass my coming finals!”


Stop worrying! BIG WHEEL’s got you back. We support young entrepreneurs and here’s what we offer:

starting a business

No worries about money


Money is always the biggest concern of a student or a fresh graduate when it comes to starting a business. We all know that it can cost you a lot to rent a full furnished office, and frankly, no graduates can afford that. And you definitely need a space for you and your team to work on your startup business. But how?


BIG WHEEL provides FREE space and utilities for students! Now, you can have a perfect space for you to focus on your work.

starting a business

Expand your network and gain credibility

You may have a great business idea… but to be honest, who will believe the words of a student?  Well, this is one of the most significant yet challenging phases you’ll face as an entrepreneur. All successful entrepreneurs work hard in building and expanding their network.

Because it is difficult to thrive in the entrepreneurial arena without a right network. By joining BIG WHEEL coworking space, you get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and start building your reputation in your industry.


Sourcing investments (venture capitalists)

Besides networking, you’ll have an edge if you know how to source for investors for your business. There are tons of venture capitalists looking for potential startups to invest in. If you know how to present your ideas and prospects of your startup well, you’ll stand a higher chance of get noticed by venture capitalists.

starting a business


When you already have your product/service, networking and even investments, you need to learn how to MARKET your business — to build your brand awareness, attract targeted prospects, and convert them into your paying customers.


As you work and mingle at BIGWHEEL, you’ll have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and marketing strategies that you can apply on your own business.

So you see, starting your own business with a student budget is no longer a dream. Leave your worries and doubts behind and visit us today at BIG WHEEL virtual office today!


Visit our fanpage today, and start making your dream come true!


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