Stan Lee: 3 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know!


Stan Lee: 3 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know!

Stan Lee: Tribute

From creating iconic superheroes to actually giving a cameo in the Marvel films made in the last decade or so, Stan Lee is the true legend we don’t deserve. This spells an end of Stan Lee’s cameo-filled era on the silver screen.

Whether you are an avid fan of Marvel Heroes or not, here are 5 amazing facts about Stan Lee!

1. He worked as a playwright in the American Army – with Dr Seuss!


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Yes, he did! Before becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, he was in the American Army. He served in the Signal Corps repairing telegraph poles and other communication equipment. He was then transferred to the Training Film Division in Queens. He has also written training films and manuals for the army too.

There in Signal Corps, he has worked with several other famous writers who went on to become Pulitzer Prize winners, including Dr Seuss and William Saroyan.

2. Creator of a comic universe concept

Marvel Superheroes

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Characters crossing into a universe not originally created for them in mind, as it has never been a new concept. Stan Lee decided to take a step further back then and decided to merge his characters’ universes together. All because of his indecision on a story ending.

The ploy was successful and he would merge all his universes together to form a broader narrative world. It was essentially the big bang of Marvel Universe and has become a phenomenon. This has eventually inspired following iconic comic book companies such as DC Comics to follow suit. Also good to know: Stan Lee has written for DC Comics too!

3. Writing obituaries before he was cool


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Unironically, Stan Lee wrote obituaries for celebrities in an undisclosed news office in New York. That was before writing about the fantastic lives of superheroes for Marvel Comics.

He quit the job eventually because, for obvious reasons, it was a depressing job.

Bonus: The Hulk wasn’t originally green


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Yeah. The Hulk was supposed to be grey-skinned instead of green. A printing inconsistency coming from the printers turned the monster green by Issue #2, and everyone went with it. As quoted by Stan Lee, “So as of issue 2, with no explanation, he turned green.”

Stan Lee died 12th November 2018, in Los Angeles California. He was aged 95 years old.

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