Upcoming State-of-the-Art Logistics Facility in Johor Bahru to cut down operating costs in ASEAN.

logistics facility in johor bahru

Upcoming State-of-the-Art Logistics Facility in Johor Bahru to cut down operating costs in ASEAN.

JOHOR BAHRU: SnT Global has announced that their new hi-tech logistics facility in the Iskandar Malaysia Zone, Johor Bahru will be completed and operational by the end of 2017 – in line with SnT Global CEO David Wong’s plan to transform Malaysia into a major logistics and BPO hub in the ASEAN region.

The upcoming logistics facility in Johor Bahru will cut operating costs of international and regional freight and forwarding and warehousing services in the SEA region. It will provide reliable and cost-effective domestic pickup and delivery particularly around the Singapore-Johor Bahru ring road and warehousing

This includes supporting thriving local e-commerce businesses – a market which has been growing by about 20 per cent a year in Malaysia and worth RM3.4 billion.

It will feature state-of-the-art infrastructure and services including a hosted e-logistics platform that will provide real-time GPS tracking of supply chain movements and increased control and flexibility over shipping, warehouse storage and procurement activities. The efficiency of the facility will minimize incurred costs from errors and mismanagement.

The Latest facility will expand SnT Global’s regional warehouse capacity to almost half a million square feet, which will be served by its fleet of vehicles in Malaysia and Singapore to facilitate rapid and flexible delivery. Professionally run warehouses ensure safe and reliable housing for a wide range of products, ranging from consumer goods to clothing and electronics.

The company’s location in South East Asia also lets it leverage the multilingual ability of the region to better serve an international audience.

The construction of the facility and the continued inflow of capital investment coming in from Singapore and China demonstrates the strong continued investor confidence in Malaysia, with many Chinese investors recognize the opportunity presented by Iskandar Malaysia zone.

Low-costs and proximity to Singapore are the primary factors attracting Chinese investors to the area, which they say resembles Shenzhen about a decade ago.

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