Medini Iskandar Malaysia: How smart is a smart city?

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Medini Iskandar Malaysia: How smart is a smart city?

Just how smart is your city? Chances are it’s getting smarter by the year. Many countries around the globe are racing to infuse technology into just about every aspect of its city operations. But the question is: What exactly is a smart city?

It’s a simple question to ask, but a rather hard one to answer. It is actually a relatively new concept embraced by governments all over the world in recent years. The exact definition of the term “smart city” depends on whom you’re talking to. But, it generally means implementing information and technologies to increase operational efficiency, connectivity with the public, and the quality of the citizen welfare.

Medini Smart City development approach includes the 4 major elements:


Where people and property are secure and comfortable, day and night. secure and safe in smart city

In Medini, safety always comes first before anything else. From monitoring high-crime areas to giving precautionary warning signal for any emergency situation. For example, the high efficiency emergency lighting installed in Medini Building makes sure you won’t get stuck in the dark cold office room alone when the electricity get cut off.


With systems and network designed to support a more efficient and enjoyable way of life.


The 2 MIM buildings pilot a range of smart building solutions to improve both their operational efficiency and business functionality (as well as housing the Integrated Operations Centre that will serve as the initial control centre for Medini Smart City). The Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) is mainly for safety and compliance purposes. Through IOC, clients get to have a full operational visibility of the facilities.

Medini Portal Site is specially designed to bring information from different sources together for clients. It makes connectivity much easier. Medini Portal Site can also be a dashboard for executives and managers so they can operate their projects at ease.


High quality of life with attractive amenities, convenient services, and responsive public services.Group of People Having Fun Together Under the Sun

It is highly livable in Medini Malaysia. Because it is surrounded by all the amenities and convenient services you need! Whether it’s international airport, education centre, tourism and leisure destinations, corporate consultancy, etc. They’re all conveniently connected to Medini!


With high quality infrastructure and services that set it apart from other locations in Johor.

Smart cities also focus a lot on energy conservation and efficiency — using the least amount of resources to create the largest amount of output. Occupancy sensors in the building dim the lights when there aren’t people in the room or hallway. Solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar compound LED lighting convert light energy into electrical energy so you don’t have worry when your electric utility company mess up. Electric Vehicle (EV) – another technology that makes you feel like you’re living in the future. This is more than just an electric car. Electric vehicles include vehicles on land, underwater vessels, aircraft or even spacecraft. Of course, you can’t expect to see a spacecraft or underwater vessel in the middle of a city. But you get the point.

Whether you’re looking for a place to continue your education, to settle down, or even to start a business, you are guaranteed to enjoy these 4 qualities at Medini: Safe, Connected, Livable and Efficient.

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