SLONE: Where Your Journey of Self-Discovery Begins!

SLONE: Where Your Journey of Self-Discovery Begins! Feature Image

SLONE: Where Your Journey of Self-Discovery Begins!

On a lazy afternoon, we come across a small cafe hidden in a residential area. It looks like an ordinary home that is not very eye-catching. It’d be difficult to find it out should we not pay enough attention. However, this home-style café seems to exude a magical power – a magic that triggers people’s curiosity and desire, attracting us to step in and explore it further. 

The Origin of SLONE

The interiors of SLONE with natural elements

The owner ingeniously brings natural elements into the interiors of SLONE.

It is SLONE, the combination of “slow” and “one”. The name was inspired by the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” we all familiar with, but it has a different meaning in the Bible.

In the story, although the tortoise was thought to be lost, it discovered its own strengths and weaknesses in its relaxed journey. The tortoise believed that as long as it persists the race in its own pace, it will eventually achieve success when the environment turns to its favour.

“Slow” means slow, and “one” means unique. It implies that everyone is on the journey of pursuing their dreams. Don’t be anxious, and don’t be afraid to be slow. Just be your unique self and you will achieve what you are pursuing.

The Founder of SLONE

White curtain fairy lights at SLONE

The warm, white curtain fairy lights seem to exude a magical power at night.

The founder of SLONE is a young lady in her 20s who comes from Sibu but chooses to start a business in Miri. Don’t judge her by her age – she has a burning enthusiasm as well as a big dream! Even without support from her family, she is still determined to start her own business and everything from scratch in an unfamiliar place. 

She loves baking and has a special liking for coffee. She is an outgoing person who can articulate well, and that makes it easy to befriend her patrons (including us!). In addition, she is an all-around person who solely takes charge of the design and decoration of her café, with little to no prior experience in interior design

Stuffed toys and teddy bear at SLONE

The stuffed toys and teddy bear add a cutesy vibe to the atmosphere.

Since the decor is based on a home concept, you can literally feel the warmth from the entrance all the way into the house. It’s no exaggeration to say that SLONE gives a feeling of being at home, where you can easily stay there for a few hours without even realizing it! 

Every corner, big or small, in the house are full of surprises for patrons to discover. According to the founder, because she hates being bored, she will renovate her home once in a while, and change the design and decoration in the house from time to time.

SLONE’s Food Showcase

Exquisite desserts and beverages by SLONE

SLONE’s exquisite desserts and beverages are a perfect fit for afternoon tea.

Apart from the usual coffees, teas and iced drinks, SLONE also offers the must-have sweet and salty desserts for afternoon tea. Basically, SLONE does not have a fixed menu – the food is never repeated, and the choice is ever-changing. Thus, you can be sure that every visit to SLONE is a bucket full of surprises!

The owner prepares three different drinks for us, namely seasalt apple smoothie, matcha smoothie and flower latte.

The three drinks offered by SLONE

From left to right: Seasalt Apple Smoothie, Matcha Smoothie, Flower Latte

Seasalt apple smoothie tastes like salty apple juice, and is very refreshing. Those who like seasalt and apple may give it a try!

Matcha smoothie is specially made from Japanese matcha powder, so the matcha taste is absolutely authentic. It is a drink not to be missed by matcha maniacs! 

Flower latte is a hot latte with honey. It is ideal for pregnant women as well as those on their period. 

As for the food, the owner brings us two sweet desserts and one salty desserts.

The three food offered by SLONE

From left to right: Lemon Melon Black Tea Cake, Mango & Raisin Mousse, Naan

The first one is mango & raisins mousse. The biscuits under the mousse are matcha and white chocolate flavours. Thanks to matcha, the cake has just the right amount of sweetness!

The other is lemon melon black tea cake. The cake is divided into three layers. The first layer is lemon mousse, the second is melon jelly and the last one is black tea sponge cake. Its texture is quite complicated to describe, but the three is by no means a perfect match!

The salty dessert is naan. It looks like a pizza but is a little different than that. It’s simply perfect to have it after having so many sweet ones! 

All of SLONE’s food and beverages are essence and colouring free. They are also priced reasonably between RM8 to RM15.

SLONE’s Upcoming Open House

SLONE's Upcoming Open House

SLONE is having an open house very soon!

Since the business hours entirely depend on the owner, do not forget to make a reservation before you pay a visit to SLONE! However, on the upcoming August 9 to 11, SLONE is open for everyone to visit, no reservation required!

Therefore, if you are afraid of trouble, you may come to SLONE in these three days, take a look around and of course, taste their food! It’s never too late to make a reservation after that. For more information, you can browse through their Facebook Page.

Dear friends, if you feel upset, or suddenly feel lost in life, you are welcome to stop by SLONE and listen to your inner voice. There’s a long way ahead, so think slowly and take this time to discover your true self

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