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Curtain Shopping In Singapore | Bellagio Curtains In Singapore

Room decorations are essential in bringing out the best of your space — but only when you get it right. Window treatments are a matter of matching your design choices with your household. Whether you’re choosing a set of day and night curtains in Singapore or just trying to complete a missing part of a new room, it always helps to get an experts opinion for starters.

Curtains In Singapore | 5 Curtain Shopping Tips 

White Daytime Blinds From Bellagio Curtains In Singapore

1.Get Opinions

You can bring your friends or relatives along when looking for your new curtains or vertical blinds in Singapore. Just like shopping for a new dress, people will tell you on what’s horrible and what they see fit to be on display — but if that’s not enough, it won’t hurt to consult an expert home designer to reassure yourself.

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2.Fabric Balancing

Pick a fabric that’s not too heavy but not too light as well. A heavy fabric won’t fold crisply when drawn and a material that’s too light may not fall well on display. Also remember that the taller the curtain, the heavier it will be. Private rooms such as bedrooms should host heavy blackout curtains to stop people from possible peering in at night.

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3.Matching Colors

Your curtains are the clothes of your room. Look around and get colors that bring out the most in the room. Shades of light colors will even out the tone of a room filled with bright furniture while a dark shade will set a more serious and disciplined atmosphere. Don’t try to bring in clashing themes such as a fun looking curtain paired with funky furniture colors.

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4.Cleaning Options

Think about how you are going to clean your curtains in Singapore. Some blinds are washer machine friendly but some are dry clean only. If you’re the hassle free type, make sure the people cleaning your curtains know what they shouldn’t do.

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5.How to Hang

Always hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Leave an inch for access but no more than that. No matter what curtain it is, this move keeps everything neat and sleek. If you want your in-laws or co-workers to like you, never hang curtains to different heights in a single room.

Alternatively you could also check out our pinch pleat curtain making guide.

Curtain shopping is never easy — use these simple tips and you’ll be set to go. Don’t skip on parts you hang your curtains on either. Get sturdy rails with good mountings. A little goes a long way when going to a curtain shop in Singapore and BellaGio Curtains Singapore is always ready to help.

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