SendPulse – A Cloud-based Affiliate Marketing that’s Easy and Affordable.

SendPulse – A Cloud-based Affiliate Marketing that’s Easy and Affordable.

If you know a blogger then it’s likely that he or she has an affiliate marketing account tied to their blog in some way. Making good content that people want to read is hard work, so it’s perfectly understandable if you want to earn a little money while you’re at it. There’s where affiliate marketing programs come in – a match made in heaven for the successful blogger.

And SendPulse makes it all so much easier for anyone to get into it.

What is an Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing rewards its affiliates through commission pay outs every time they introduce a customer or visitor to the hosting company, typically via pay per sale (PPS), cost per action (CPA) or Cost per Mile (CPM). The fairness of affiliate marketing is the reason why it’s popular with content creators.

Of course, nothing is entirely fair as you’ll still need to please Google (at the very least) if you plan to get noticed quickly. And although paying for ads can give you instant visibility, building a flow of good organic traffic to your content is the only real sustainable long term solution.

What’s so special about SendPulse?

Unlike other affiliate programs which require the user to host and manage their campaign by themselves, SendPulse incorporates a special app that helps users run a full affiliate program for the best results, with or without any experience. As a Cloud-based app, SendPulse runs off a web browser and internet connection after a simple email registration. This makes it highly accessible to anyone looking to break into affiliate marketing for the first time.

In terms of reach, SendPulse covers the four primary marketing channels; SMTP, SMS, Web Push and good-old email. You can try out a limited version of these features for free, but you’ll need to pay to unlock the more advanced features such as Google Analytics, unlimited email and better reporting.

Comprehensive, highly responsive interface

The best aspect of the app is its light and clean graphical interface. This is important as it helps quicken loading speeds, makes it highly responsive, and costs very little bandwidth. The interface itself is completely self-explanatory and many of the main tools are accompanied by a comprehensive video tutorial. The tools themselves are also very easy to use, and a step-by-step wizard will guide you through the entire process.

All the tools you’ll need

The app contains a plethora of tools, including a drag and drop content editor to help users put together attractive content quickly and easily. Users can import email lists from exiting email serves or directly from Excel or text files and then blast out their new content far and wide using these lists; manually or automatically.

The app also features full A/B testing support that can be used to test which type of content works best for different audiences/products. An instant reporting feature ensures that users never miss update which users will receive on their mobiles or device of choice (currently supported platforms: iOS, Android and Slack).

But what really makes SendPulse special is its proprietary AI helper which utilizes data collected from a target audience and generates content tailored specifically to its recipient. Though the feature is still in beta, its potential to improve automated marketing is mind-blowing.

sendpulse affiliate marketing - drag and drop editor 1

Intuitive and easy to use, SendPulse’s drag-and-drop graphic editor lets users piece together attractive content on the get-go.

affiliate marketing sendpulse, embed sendpulse html code into any website

Embed SendPulse-generated subscription forms HTML code directly into any website.


Overall, SendPulse is a great tool for anyone looking to kick-start their affiliate marketing. The app is packed with amazing tools that not only make highly attractive content creation a breeze, but is also able to manage elaborate campaigns that would otherwise be impossible. Most of the best features are not available in the free version, but at $9/month it’s a great investment if you’re regularly producing content that you’d like to get out and share which, if done right, is likely to bring in a profit a few times fold.

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