Did you know that you can give the zoo a new life just by running at home? Save Zoo Run

Did you know that you can give the zoo a new life just by running at home? Save Zoo Run

Dedication of love, No matter where you are, let us all get moving and play a part in this meaningful activity Save Zoo Run to lend a helping hand for the Zoo in Malaysia.

The profit run will help the Zoo in Malaysia. Let us move, exercise and do good deeds for the Zoo.

Save Zoo Run

Run around! Let us run together and run a warm home for the animals of the Zoo in Malaysia!
Now being able to do charity at home can also motivate yourself to exercise more. Why not do good deeds and exercise more. Let’s join Save Zoo Run.

What is Save Zoo Run?

This is a virtual charity run so that we can all play a part in helping out at the comfort of our home. Due to the restrictions of this pandemic, the Zoo is facing severe financial challenges with the drastic reduction in ticketing revenue and no source of donation. Therefore, we encourage the public to join us in this meaningful charity run. Let the Zoo in Malaysia continue its operation.

Do you remember your first visit to the zoo?

It’s undeniable that the zoo is a nostalgic place in all our hearts. It is a part of our childhood memories, the first impression we had of what nature is. The zoo has been operating for 63 years, Three generations of Malaysians.  Let us keep this beautiful memory lane going.

Free Save Zoo Run Tote Bag

For more information, check the website below

Hurry Up! Click the link below for registration.

How To Register?

  1. Click any of the buttons in this page
  2. Enter your information and mailing address.
  3. Confirm the details of your order, and complete the payment via the options available to you. Now, you’re registered and ready to go!
  4. Submit a screenshot of your tracking app or a photo of the treadmill dashboard showing your result to juzrun.enquiry@gmail.com.
  5. We will deliver the goodies to all the participants on 1st December 2020. However, only participants who submitt their result before the deadline will receive the e-cert.
    ***You are required to run and submit your results before 10/10/2020 11:59pm in order to receive the e-cert. If you never submit any tracking result you are still able receive the goodies.

Save Zoo Run Package

What can you get by participating in this charity run?

  • Customized medals and T-Shirt (2 packages are available)
  • Limited Eco-bags printed with save zoo run. (Only for registration before September 10)
  • E-Cert
  • Raise funds for the Zoo in Malaysia!
  • Exercise 5KM, another step forward on the way to lose weight~

【Registration details】

Only Medal:RM49.90
Medal + Shirt:RM69.90
***All registration fees include postage (only for Malaysia addresses)
***All price exclude 6% SST

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