REVIEW: Laundry Savior

REVIEW: Laundry Savior

So the PrimaBuzz team and I have been using Laundry Savior in our respective homes for about a week now and we are excited to announce that we are loving it! Hence this intent of writing a proper review on why Laundry Savior is our newfound love. Laundry Savior is an awe-inspiring idea born out of the needs to resolve all of our laundry worries and needless to say, it has done a pretty awesome job. For us at least. As for the rest, you need to get yours first in order to benefit from this creative innovation.

In short, Laundry Savior is an easy-to-install, innovative clothes hanger with a simple pulley system that enables you to easily pull it up or down in seconds to your preferable and comfortable position. You can read more HERE before moving on to our reviews.

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Jayden and Elaine

“Before we got our hands on Laundry Savior, we have been hanging our laundry on bamboo poles that are being suspended from the back balcony. We did not utilise the ceiling hanger much mostly because it is too high up and it will require a certain amount of strength to lift up the heavily laden bamboo pole. I personally find it easier to simply hang the laundry “out” instead of “up”. But now with the help of Laundry Savior, we can finally make full use of the ceiling hanger and no more having the need to squeeze all clothes together.” – Jayden


“Laundry Savior was such a breeze to work with! Hanging our laundry via the ceiling hanger was mission impossible for me but now made possible with Laundry Savior. The heavy weight of the bamboo pole together with our laundry is the least of my concern now because I feel assured by that fact that it is not only height-adjustable, it can also hold up to 30kg. The best part of all? It’s very affordable!” – Elaine


We would like to believe that you are surely tempted to get one or even two or three for yourself and your loved one by now, and we are going to make this temptation even harder to resist!

For a limited time only, Laundry Savior is having a 50% off sale and it is now selling for SGD9.90 only!

You only need to click HERE to purchase Laundry Savior.

Hurry and get yours today before the offer ends!

Still having the need to know more about Laundry Savior? Watch the video below!

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