Quartz Johor : Your Malaysian Countertop Specialist

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Quartz Johor : Your Malaysian Countertop Specialist

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen countertop materials, it doesn’t get as good as it does from Quartz Johor. Designing a layout for your kitchen countertop is one thing but having it as durable and good looking as you is another.

White beautiful countertop by Quartz Johor with stove cutout

Quartz Johor offers a different types of caesarstone, the must have kitchen stone of the century. Quartz being non-porous is made up of quartzite and silica minerals boned together by polymer resins.

This accounts for its customization and variations of stunning colors. The material is resistant to staining and temperature changes. You can let your hot pot of cooking rest on it without having to worry about it deforming or cracking.Beautiful white themed kitchen with lighting from wide windows.

If it’s within your budget, you can have every stretch of kitchen countertop decked out in stone.  Not only will it be giving your kitchen plus points for aesthetic appeal, but it’ll just be more space for you to have your kitchenware or household decor spaced out. An uncluttered kitchen will always be refreshing work with and look at.

The more countertop the better as I would have it. If you have people over lending a helping hand in the kitchen, you would be thanking me for the advice.

Stone countertop used as a dining table with high sitting metal chairs.

Western kitchen designs have a take on actually using countertops as a dining area. How cool is that? This implementation is usually used either remove the need for a dining table or add an extra dining area altogether.

You can dine where you cook. Avoid doing both at the same time especially when the stove is on, that’s just not right.

Newly installed dark black quartz countertop

Once the proper measurements, cuts and finishing are made, assembly is fairly simple by dry fitting in the slabs carefully on properly secure mounting kits. The gaps between the stone and its base are sealed off using epoxy or either silicon with their excess scraped off before setting of course.

All this accumulates to a clean fitting install of your future culinary workspace.

Wood laced kitchen with caesarstone quartz.

A great kitchen looks good and functions just as well. The lighting and furniture arrangement needs to be spot on. Cabinets keeping things in check to not let foodstuff or utensils left out in the open. Active and passive ventilation so your house doesn’t end up smelling like the thing you cooked 5 minutes ago. The countertop space is there for you to work and depend on.

These things amount to a great kitchen and only you can decide how it’s played out. Kitchen designs don’t come up by themselves!

Grey cushioned tall chairs in a white kitchen with a grey stone countertop at the center.

At the heart of it all, is the countertop. Overlooked in many ways, it’s an element of the kitchen that cannot be missed. No matter how plain looking or how vibrant in color it is, the kitchen countertop will always play an important role in being the space you work on in the kitchen.

Quartz Johor Banner with a light grey countertop in the background

Quartz Johor offers an assortment of quality Caesarstone Quarts to choose from for your next countertop table. Be it in the kitchen, bar or front counter of an establishment, Quartz Johor aims to fit you with the best materials and workmanship possible in Johor,Malaysia.

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