Protested in the Swiss capital Bern against the nationwide roll-out of 5G wireless technology

Protested in the Swiss capital Bern against the nationwide roll-out of 5G wireless technology

Bern: thousands of people have protested in the Swiss capital Bern against the nationwide roll-out of 5G wireless technology, fearing it could harm people’s health. Protesters gathered in front of the Swiss parliament building to block the construction of more 5G-compatible antennas.


Tamlin Schibler Ulmann, co-chair of Frequencia, said that:

“the fact that so many people are here today strongly opposes the uncontrolled introduction of 5G.” The minority principality of Monaco in July became the first European country to launch a 5G mobile phone network based on technology from the Chinese company huawei, which make the USA considers regarding to the major security risk.

But Swiss criticized the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the new 5G system poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared with the last generation of mobile technology. Online petitions have persuaded several Swiss cantons – Geneva, vaud, fribourg and neuchatel – to delay the antenna as a precaution to environment and health concerns.

5g station

Swiss Medical Association (FMH) also advocates a cautious approach to new technologies. Opponents of the new technology are trying to gather the 100,000 signatures they need to force a referendum to suspend use of the technology until the risks can be properly assessed.

In February, Switzerland attributed 5G frequencies to three carriers: Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt, which have been promoting cutting-edge technology in television ads and billboards. By early July,  around 334 units of 5G antenna stations had been put into use of nationwide, authorities told to the AFP.

Several studies are under way on the health effects of the new technology, including one of the world health organization. The world health organization told AFP it had begun “risk assessment of health outcomes from exposure to radio-frequency fields.” Last year, the Swiss government also appointed a team of experts to discuss the risks of introducing 5G, and their findings should be published before the end of the year which is the year 2019.

We will continue to focus on the 5G technology in the year 2020. Let us see what would it be done! What do you think about the new 5G technologies? Should it be use in the Malaysia or it should be postponed?

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