Prawn Hub Johor Bahru: Sinfully Good Seafood

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Prawn Hub Johor Bahru: Sinfully Good Seafood

Prawn Hub? Talk about great marketing. Naming a business after the world’s most famous adult film site will definitely grab a lot of attention. But its name isn’t the only thing garnering it such attention. Its food is to boast for too! Given its extremely fresh and sinfully mouth-watering seafood dishes

Welcome Johor Bahru’s newest addition to its food scene. Prawn Hub is now open and ready to serve you. Get only the freshest seafood options here. With, you guessed it, the dishes’ centering its ‘prawn stars‘.

Prawn Hub can fulfill your late-night ‘desires’. Their sinful seafood dishes will have you wet. We totally mean your appetites! Even their side dishes don’t fall short of a good meal on their own.

What’s on the menu?

seafood-hotpot-prawn hub-jb

Their hotpot is brimming with seafood and their homemade meatballs (Image via Facebook)

So, what’s on their menu? As said before, they serve the freshest seafood dishes out of their humble food truck. Here, you can indulge heart-warming seafood hotpots


Fresh squid, only the freshest seafood (Image via Facebook)


Fresh crab, only the freshest seafood (Image via Facebook)

boiled-prawn-prawn hub

Their boiled prawn and sauce platter (Image via Facebook)

All of which are brimming with seafood and meat. And, did we mention their hotpots boast their homemade meatballs? Talk about making the details matter. All that goodness is drenched in bursting with flavor hot broth. And, for a little more heartiness, add in some egg(s). 

Besides that, they have boiled prawn and homemade sauce platters. They also have succulent, charred to perfection char sieu.


Charred to perfection char sieu goodness (Image via Facebook)


Their succulent homemade char sieu (Image via Facebook)

Check out Prawn Hub ASAP

hotpot-prawn hub

Hotpot filled with goodness that will definitely warm your soul (Image via Facebook)

If you’re in for a wild night, you have to make your way to Prawn Hub. Their food will leave your senses aroused and tingling. We also totally mean your tastebuds here! 

So, if you have a late night itch, worry not! Prawn Hub is open till late. They operate from 7 pm to 2 am daily. Stop by with your friends, family, or loved one(s) for great food.

Don’t know where to find them? Prawn Hub is located at Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. It’s at the edge of J&T Express, Willow & Wind and Good Family Steamboat, Mount Austin. 

If you have trouble finding it, don’t hesitate to drop them a DM on their facebook page. Or, call them at 018-943 2117.

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[Feature image via their Facebook page]

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