3 Easy Ways You Can Care For Your Car Without Professional Help

3 Easy Ways You Can Care For Your Car Without Professional Help

You can care for your car every day and prolong its life. There’s no need to enlist the help of a mechanic. Read on to discover the few simple steps that can help you care for your car in the long run.

It finally happens. Your mundane but essential routine is interrupted by your faithful car giving up on you.

You try to resuscitate it, but alas, it coughs its last breath.You’re left with nothing but the thoughts of your own vulnerability and incompetence.

For many of us, this picture is all too real. Only at the brink of total vehicular despair do we even contemplate the consequences of our negligence and seek simple car maintenance tips.

Here are a few general car maintenance tips to avoid this nightmare:

1.Flush the Radiator

Radiator | Advance Turbo

An overheated car with steam wafting from the radiator is usually an ominous scene in the movies. Especially when there’s a serial killer on the prowl. Far-fetched as that sounds, a malfunctioning radiator is still a pain the neck and can be avoided with some basic car maintenance.

  • Find the radiator drain plug and place a container under the plug to catch the old coolant. Unscrew the plug and drain all the old coolant from the cooling system and radiator. You will notice a lot of rust and metal deposits in the drained fluid.
  • Use shop towels to clean up the mess. Shop towels are made from recycled paper and are very absorbent. Remember to use gloves and contain the mess.
  • Using a mixture of radiator cleaner and water, pour the solution into the radiator to remove stubborn stains and rust build ups. There are ready to use flush and fill kits in the market that make the job easier.
  • Using a 1 part water, 3 part antifreeze or radiator coolant solution and fill the radiator to the top. Be sure to use a funnel and limit the amount of splashing.

But that’s not all, here is another basic car maintenance tip:

2. Replace the Air Filter

Air Filter | Advance Turbo

What does the air filter out, you might ask? Well, it’s simple: Dust and bugs. And imagine those nasties getting into your fuel and clogging up the pipes.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy as pie.

  • Purchase an air filter at your nearest auto parts store or car accessories store. It usually costs around $10 SGD.
  • Open the bonnet and find the air filter box. It’s a plastic box that’s either on top or at the side of your engine and has a big hose.
  • Upon opening the air filter box, remove the used air filter and inspect it for deformities and dirt accumulation levels.
  • Place the new filter in and ensure it fits properly into the box. Place the filter box cap and secure with the clips. You are now good to go.

3. Replace The Headlights

Headlight Power Connector | Car Care |Advance Turbo

Headlights get damaged all the time in fender benders. Save yourself a fine from highway patrol officers and fix it yourself.

Before you get started, check the owner’s manual for the bulb wattage and number. You’ll also need some rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes, a screwdriver and a pair of safety glasses.

  • Open and suspend the bonnet of your car. Remove the power connection wire by turning it a bit to the right.
  • Remove the dust cover with a small jiggle and twist. Check if the bulb is secured using a clip and press it to release the bulb.
  • Pull the bulb housing gently. Compare the old and new bulb and housing to make sure it’s a match. Wipe the bulb down with alcohol wipes so they don’t have traces of dust.
  • Connect the bulb housing with the open socket and place it carefully. Slip the bulb in place and secure properly.
  • Place back the clip, dust cover and power connector.
  • Test the headlights to see if they work.

These simple car tips and tricks for easy DIY car maintenance can keep the dreadful visit to the mechanics at bay for a good while.

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