4 Reasons Why We Prefer Homestay Than Hotel

Why homestay

4 Reasons Why We Prefer Homestay Than Hotel

Travelling is the only shared hobby by most of the people around the globe. By choosing homestay, you can have the best travelling experience at the least cost.


Accommodation usually takes up a large part of your travelling expenses. This hinders many to reconsider while making the choice to travel to a hot spot. Hotels are usually what flash on our mind when we talk about travelling. But, why follow the cliché when we can have a better choice?

Homestay refers to a house which is originally somebody’s home but later transforms into a hotel. The downside of choosing homestay is that you don’t get to have the room service. But, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to still have the warm and welcoming ambiance at home while traveling in a different country? So, don’t rush into booking your hotel room for your next trip first. Finish reading this list of 4 reasons why people prefer homestay than hotel and you may change your mind.

 local food from the home stay

Local delicacies

One of the many reasons for most people to travel is to discover new good food. Living in a hotel gives you the standardized western food choices to suit the travelers’ common appetite. But, only living in a local homestay gives you the opportunity to enjoy the authentic local cooked food. YOLO. Try out Balut from Phillippines, raw octopus from Japan, and western communities should definitely try our Asian’s favourite fruit, DURIAN!! In short, choosing homestay allows you to literally get a truer ‘’taste’’ of the local area.

living in homestay with low cost

Lower cost

If you’re going for comfort and affordable price, homestay is your best choice on hand. Hotel rates can be really exorbitant during the peak season. Homestays don’t only offer a much lower rate but also guaranteed hygiene and comfort. After all it’s still somebody’s home. You can also avoid some extra expenses by getting the local knowledge from your hosts. A recommendation of cheap local cuisine, getting clothes washed like you do at home, getting meals from the hosts and the greatest of all,  FREE tour guide! These can help you save up a lot and give you more budget to take some extra sightseeing excursions.

homestay for lone traveler

Perfect for lone traveler

We all know that no man is meant to be an island. But, from time to time we all need a little ‘’time-out’’ from all the people around us. We all need the “me’’ time to relax our mind, release our stress and regulate our emotions. Homestays are usually small and with limited slots. This means no extra noises and chats but complete peace and quiet for yourself. Many homestays are located at rural areas. It means having clear scenic views without the obstructions of skyscrapers, peace without the hectic traffic.

life-time memory

Lifetime memories

Living in somebody’s home also means you’re temporarily part of the family. It feels like a 2nd home to you and you can never forget your family, can you? Having meals together, chatting and exchanging life experiences with the hosts and the housemates from all walks of life can definitely allow you to build an intimate relationship with them. The culture shock that leave us in awe, the awkwardness of the language gap, and even the daily life habits can be such wonderful memories. Memories that root in our hearts, waiting to be shared when we come back from our memorable trip.

Learning the benefits of homestay must have changed your opinion. If you’re planning on living in a homestay for your next trip, check out homestayin.com for more information.

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