The pandemic has moved the global into remote work and an enormous number of workers are being furloughed, you may be thinking about whether you should keep on conveying resumes or simply accept that nobody is recruiting for years to come. The facts demonstrate that business analysts are foreseeing a downturn, yet career specialists approached that digital marketing industry facing greater boom towards the future. The glimpse into the digital marketing industry has reached a strong position as it creates continuous relationship-build and share ideas within the target customers.

In recent weeks, the unemployment rate in Malaysia has spiked but the digital marketing industry is still the most in demand field and expecting fastest growth in this few months. Opportunities in this field show a drastic result from late March as everything, especially most of the companies working remotely and this requires the hiring of digital marketing talents worldwide.

Digital Marketing industry, the best platform that is willing to provide opportunities to use your skills or build new ones. In spite of that, this field is too wide and worth jumping in because the statistic has reported that it is  one of the top most promising industries for most of the talents out there in the upcoming future. In these generations, the high influence of lifestyle changes have shifted most of the business from traditional practise into digital media. Digital marketing is referred to as a promotional tool that is often utilized to promote products, brands or services in various electronics platforms. This demanding industry includes the use of several channels while allowing most of the organizations to analyse marketing campaigns and study the strategies that are not appropriate in a limited period of time. An organization that prioritizes this digitized strategy always focuses on customers keyword, conversion rate, trustable feed and organic content.

Digital marketing related jobs are highly recruited and in need by most of the companies in Malaysia such as live host, digital marketer, video editor, web designer and professional business consultants. Yes! These jobs are now a top notch income source in the digital marketing industry where you can enhance your skill or build new skills here. These promising jobs are now transformed from traditional methods into digital particularly due to this crisis. In that purpose, the recruiting process has only increased but never stopped. I know you are getting excited after knowing so much about this industry and could not wait to grab this opportunity but no worries because this can definitely happen with Life Restart Campaign.

Life Restart was established by Fyght the founder, partnering with a few leading companies and iPrima Media itself. The main purpose of this campaign is to provide new hope for Malaysian who lost their job in Singapore. We give them a new hope by learning Digital Marketing, a high income and demand skill set so that their life gets restart again. Other than digital marketing, to boost our economy, the bank had dropped the interest rate to encourage people to buy houses, therefore property agents are potentially needed. Besides, Insurance agents had become more popular during this pandemic in which everyone is aware of having insurance.

These 5 different companies in Johor Bahru are specialized in various management skills and willing to lend their helping hands to collaborate together with us by providing those demanded jobs to our workers. This article is going to steer those listed jobs and their company to recruit.

Digital Marketer

In this modern era, digital marketers play a crucial role in every industry to promote their brands and products. Most of the companies faced a huge success because of digital marketers as they help to promote their products or services in many creative methods such as website marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and more. iPrima Media plays a similar role here, No 1 trustable marketing agency, making associations in Johor Searchable and Visible Online while ensuring their brands are Trustable and Memorable to their clients! This agency is now recruiting and providing the best training session to be a Digital Marketer.

iprima media

Credits: iPrima Media

Live Host

Besides, most of the businesses are selling their products or services via online platforms and in that case live host jobs are now becoming popular. Live hosting helps the customers to always get engaged with the business product or services. This specific job is responsible for building relationships between a business and target customers.  Dream Home Maker, the first online mall, sells best quality home appliances and furnitures have gathered enormous clients everyday and is now recruiting a live host to give this opportunity to those who are interested.


Credits: DHM

Insurance agent

Pandemic COVID-19 has turned many of us to look for insurance agents because they are the best people to help people who are in need, creatively solve our problems. Insurance agents work with both internal and external customers every single day. Insurance sales is a good career choice for people who are transitioning into a new career following a major life change. HM Synergy, a pioneer company in Johor Bahru developed many trusted insurance agents and now they are willing to guide you towards the same direction.


Credits: HM Synergy

Property agent

Moreover, this modern era has influenced many people among us to buy new property and they are in need of superior property agents for best advice and consultations. Property agents are responsible for guiding and giving strategies to their clients on making decisions to choose the right place. Regards to that, clients looking for trustworthy property agents and receiving online consultation from them. This is possible with CT Unity, a famous specialist property consultant develops excellent consultants to provide perfect approaches, data and sureness that clients need in choosing the right choices.

CT Unity logo

Credits: CT Unity

Professional  Business Consultant.

Nowadays, professional consultants are required in various fields and widely utilized by most of the business to provide their clients some consultants on the product or service and also stands as an information desk for their customers. We can see the importance being played by those professional consultants mainly in receiving all reliable sources of information. In terms of that, Yellow 101, Started in 2019 by the founder YUKI NG Ms. Huang Xiuli, mainly provides professional consulting services for customers from Singapore and Malaysia companies on all aspects of electronic marketing and social media promotion strategies, online brand management strategies, content marketing and advertising strategies.


Credits: YELLOW 101

Besides the digital talent program, Life Restart is also in collaboration with a few Airbnb arrangement platforms to provide house renting services for those homeless people. The purpose is to provide those Malaysian workers with some comfortable rooms to stay at an affordable price rate. The platforms include Rooftalk, Rentradise and Widebed. It is crystal clear that this article guides you with the best demanding jobs in Johor Bahru and introduces you to the top companies that provide those jobs to all Malaysian workers. Create new skills, new life with Life Restart Campaign by clicking on the link below:-

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