The Palatable Palate 2.0

Palate 2.0

The Palatable Palate 2.0

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Palate Miri Sarawak

Palate is one of the BEST western restaurants in Miri with a high-end fine dining experience! How do you pronounce Palate? Many, including myself always mispronounce the name of this amazing place! It’s pronounced as “PALEY”. Well that’s how you say it in French. If in English, it’s “PELLET”. Palate simply means taste of the roof of your mouth.

Palate was established just a year ago by a group of foodies who have raging passion in food. If you don’t already know this, their specialty is western fusion dining. Well, duhh! They’re one of the best fine-dining restaurants here.

Palate Miri

On top of that, they provide only the best and fresh food. Most of their ingredients are home-made and their meat are imported overseas. The ambiance of the place is filled with bossanova music, it makes you feel so calm and collected while enjoying the delicious dish they serve. Most importantly! The price is very reasonable. I can assure you all these statements (berani kerana benar ok!)because we went there and had a taste of all these yummy dish on the Palate 2.0 menu.

Okay, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the menu!

Hors d’oeuvre – The Smoked Duck Salad and The Ox Tail Soup

Smoked Duck Salad

Palate Menu 2.0 The Smoked Duck Salad.

The Smoked Duck Salad.

The Smoked Duck Salad isssssssssssssss to die for! Sistur, I mean it’s only the appetizer and Palate is already throwing me off my chair. It’s that good! No, I’m not exaggerating. You got to try it to believe it.

Let me explain. It’s super light and crispy, not overly greasy! The vinegar in it is perfect, the mild acidity and a bit of that citrusy taste(which is from the lemon said the owner of Palate) is just perfection. BTW, their vinegar home made. In fact, all their salad dressings are home made. 

The Ox Tail Soup

Palate Menu 2.0 Oxtail Soup

The Oxtail Soup

Presenting the Oxtail soup! What better way to get your appetite stimulating if not with this scrumptious Oxtail soup. The creaminess and the structure was just divine. 

The Main Entree

Grilled 250 Rib Eye served with a Side Salad and Herb Butter

Palate 2.0 Menu

Grilled 250 Rib Eye served with a Side Salad and Herb Butter

This Grilled 250 Ribeye served with a Side Salad and Herb Butter was flavorful and danggg juicy! P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N ~ It was cooked to perfection. Even though we left it for awhile to you know, take pictures and all (if not I won’t have this really nice picture of it), it was still so good. It was marvelously tender. Like I mentioned earlier, the meat that they used for their dishes are from overseas. This particular meat for this dish is from New Zealand. In their previous menu Palate 1.0, they would use meat from Australia.

Beef Stroganoff served with Pasta or Mashed Potatoes

Palate Menu 2.0

The Beef Stroganoff is served either with pasta or mashed potato. We were given the pasta. The pasta is al dente as well. No one likes a soaky pasta, so this was amazing. The Beef Stroganoff was really rich and savoury. Pasta lovers, do try this!

Grilled Rack of Lamb served with Potato Au Gratin and Side Salad

Palate Menu 2.0

What a view, don’t you think? The Grilled Rack of Lamb served with Potato Au Gratin and Side Salad was ooofff! (as the Gen Z would describe) It was seasoned really well and tender.

Curried Fish and Chips in Tartar Sauce served with Fries and Coleslaw

Palate Menu 2.0

I am for once a really avid fan of fish and chips. Anytime I go to a Western restaurant, I will, without any ounce of doubt, order fish and chips. But, there are times where some places serve their fish and chips really greasy. That’s not the case with Palate’s Curried Fish & Chips. O-M-G. We thought the fish was particularly air fried but it wasn’t! It was super light and non-greasy at all. Sweet mother of fish and chips, man! It’s like it was baked. Super oommpphhh! If you’re a fish and chips lover yourself, you gotta try this dish!

Creamy Wild Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

Palate Menu 2.0

Oh where do I start with this pasta! It was al dente~ I’m in love with the taste. The pasta wasn’t too soaky, just how it’s supposed to be. Do you see the spinach on top of the pasta? One word; FRESH. It was a nice burst of freshness. The owner told us that the spinach is our local spinach.

Desserts! Sweet, delightful dessert!

Oh my! Desserts. Everyone’s favorite dish! All the desserts are prepared by their in-house pastry chef, a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. Their pastry chef makes sure every ingredient that she uses for her desserts are of great quality. She’s really particular when it comes to the ingredient to use for her desserts masterpiece.

Brownie with Italian White Chocolate Cheese Sauce and Caramelized Nuts

Palate Menu 2.0

The Brownie, served with Italian White Chocolate Cheese Sauce and Caramelized Nuts was the BOMB DOT COM. Look at it! Even writing about it now, I feel like licking the screen of my laptop. Please don’t lick your laptop/phone screen though. The picture does the brownie justice, and this is how it is in reality as well. It’s as good as it looks. Palate’s pastry chef used 75% cocoa for this particular dessert and only the best ingredients.

Fruit Mousse Cake

Palate Menu 2.0

The Fruit Mousse Cake is really light and just nice. It melts in your mouth! It’s sweetness was decent and really delicate.

Vin de Table – or to us English speaking folks – Wine

These are the two wine that we were served that night. Red: Castillo Rodafuerte Tempranillo (2016) and White: Castillo Rodafuerte Airen (2016)

Palate Wine

The Final Say

To conclude, it was really a great experience for the Primabuzz team and an honor to be invited to have a taste of Palate’s new menu; Palate 2.0. For those who are intrigued to check out the place, it’s located at Marina Phase 2. For more information on Palate, you can visit their website here. 

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