Oscars 2019: Unforgettable Takeaways

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Oscars 2019: Unforgettable Takeaways

It’s award show season and the Oscars 2019 was just held a couple of nights ago. Did you catch film/movie’s biggest night?

You did but forgot some of what happened in the 3-hour long show? Or, you simply missed it? Don’t worry. This article will bring you up to speed.

Here are the unforgettable takeaways from the star-studded 2019 Oscars.

Lack of a host/ hostess

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Image via ew.com

For the first time in 30 years (in 1989), the Oscars 2019 was without a host. However, the lack of a host was a refreshing change that made the Oscars 2019 more streamlined.

The honor of hosting was initially presented to Kevin Hart. After he announced his impending hosting gig, homophobic comments made by Hart in the past resurfaced. Then, Hart withdrew from hosting shortly after. And, the Oscars 2019 proceeded without a host.

In absence of the lengthy opening monologue, the audience was served a lively Queen performance. Adam Lambert and Queen served light and smoke with a “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” amalgam. The rest of the Oscars 2019 relied on more music and comedy to liven it up.

Best Picture was won by who?

greenbook-recepients-oscars 2019

The “Green Book” crew receiving the Oscars 2019 for Best Picture (Image via usweekly.com)

“Green Book” snagged the most coveted Oscar 2019 for Best Picture. Who? Exactly. This came as a surprise for many. Especially since it was contending with the likes of “Roma”, BlacKkKlansman”, and “Black Panther”.

This win also comes despite a slew of controversies shrouding the film’s writer and director. The controversies were racial aggravations prove ironic despite the film’s racial theme.

We guess Chadwick Boseman’s reaction was what most of us felt that night.

chadwick-boseman-reaction-oscars 2019

Gif via giphy.com

Let’s not forget though, that Mahershala Ali’s win for Best Supporting Actor in the film, still highlighted inclusivity.

Everybody was in “The Shallow”, yet again

lady-gaga-bradley-cooper-shallow-performance-oscars 2019

Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper performing “The Shallow” at Oscars 2019 (Image via vox.com)

The show relied on music and comedy to draw attention away from the award’s lack of a host. And, of course, keeping with how popular “A Star is Born” has been at recent awards, a duet was lined up.

Lady Gaga performed the movie’s hit soundtrack “The Shallow” with co-star Bradley Cooper. The performance took the audience off the deep end and hit them in the feels. Later, the film received the Oscar 2019 for Best Original Song, drawing a standing ovation during which.

To many, this comes as an upset given it was nominated for 8 Oscars 2019 and only snagged one. Also an upset given that the film has done so well in recent award shows.

This Oscars showcased a spike in inclusivity and “firsts”

colored-winners-oscars 2019

Colored winners of the night. Regina King, Mahershala Ali, Spike Lee, and Ruth Carter (Images via newsweek.com, gq.com, washingtonpost.com, and timemagazine.com)

The Oscars 2019 proved the academy was beginning to shy away from the #OscarsSoWhite movement. The movement showcased the academy’s penchant for overlooking performers and artists of color. But this year it took a back seat.

Black Panther” was nominated for multiple awards and snagged some. Two black actors, Regina King and Mahershala Ali were awarded Oscars 2019 for Best Supporting Roles. Mahershala Ali’s win for Best Supporting Actor in “Green Book” was a milestone. It made him the second black person to have multiple Oscars, joining Denzel Washington.

BlacKkKlansman” co-writer Spike Lee was honored with an Oscars 2019 for Best Adapted Screenplay. His Oscar win has been a long time coming since a missed 1990 win and 2015 honorary Oscar.

Besides those, the Oscars 2019 also saw the first black woman to win the Best Costume Design. And the first black person to win a Best Production Design.

Political highlight

snl-maya-rudolph-rami-malek-javier-bardem-spike-lee-speeches-politics-oscars 2019

SNL ladies comedy bit, Rami Malek giving his acceptance speech, Javier Bardem presenting, and Spike Lee’s moving plea during his acceptance speech (Images via usweekly.com, clarin.com, and thenewyorker.com)

This year did see a shortage of political highlight in comparison to recent years. But, the highlight was not amiss. Nobody actually mentioned President Trump’s name. But, did bring light to his immigration policies, the infamous wall, and his treatment of the press.

Many used their moments on stage to remember immigrants as real people. Of which who “moved humanity forward”. Rami Malek highlighted his being a first generation immigrant in America. He did so during his acceptance speech for Oscars 2019 Best Male Actor.

Maya Rudolph said, “Mexico is not paying for the wall” in her skit with fellow SNL stars. Spike Lee was more vocal in his speech plea for Americans to “be on the right side of history”. And, make the right choice between “love” and “hate” for the upcoming 2020 elections.

It’s amazing to see such banded-ness between Hollywood’s influencers. This is a great case of where influence is rightly used for the betterment of everyone.

Bohemian Rhapsody won big

rami-malek-oscars 2019

Rami Malek and his Oscars 2019 for Best Male Actor in “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Image via etonline.com)

It snagged an impressive 4 Oscars 2019. Making it the biggest winner of the night. The Oscars 2019 awards won were for Best Actor, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Film Editing. A great Oscars 2019 haul on top of its reported $810 million box office.

The film was able to show much success. Despite controversy shrouding the original director, Bryan Singer. He was fired after allegations of sexual assault against underaged individuals surfaced. The film was taken over and finished by Dexter Fletcher.

This situation did make the acceptance speeches for the 4 Oscars 2019 a tad awkward. Four speeches came and went, not one offered the staple thank you to the director (Bryan Singer). Bryan Singer was MIA the night though.

Overall Oscars 2019 summary?

black-panther-cast-a-star-is-born-mahershala-regina-king-green-book-oscars 2019

“Black Panther’ casts on the red carpet, “A Star is Born” crew accepting Best Original Soundtrack, Best Supporting Actors recipients, and Green Book crew receiving the Oscars 2019 for Best Picture (Images via abcnews.go.com, heraldsun.com.au, vanityfair.com, and usweekly.com)

Despite a rocky road leading up to the Oscars 2019, it was a more streamlined Oscars. And, the Oscars 2019 managed a spike in ratings (12%) despite last year’s all-time low. The lack of a host allowed for this streamlined-ness. And, actually allowed more focus on the nominees.

For once, the Oscars showed more recognition for movies people knew instead of those that people loved but didn’t know as well. This Oscars showed wins for multiple popular movies. Like, “Black Panther”, “A Star is Born”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Safe to say this also helped boost the Oscars’s rating.

The inclusiveness and number of firsts in this Oscars allowed for a night of cheer for all parties. Even despite the Best Picture upset. Netflix’s “Roma” saw a great night. This highlighted the streaming service as a threat within the movie industry.

This year seems to be a great year for award shows. Seeing that the Oscars 2019 saw similar approval to that of the Grammy’s. Hopefully, the film/movie industry can continue to move forward progressively. And, leave behind its history of discrimination towards women and people of color.

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