Need For Speed Heat – Return Of The King?

Need For Speed Heat – Return Of The King?

Need For Speed was once hailed as the KING of arcade racing games.

Developers of the acclaimed franchised used to pump out new titles annually with new features or a totally revamped concept.

It started when the game allowed gamers to fantasize themselves as an exotic supercars racer that competes others on vivid and beautiful locations.

The focus then had a huge shift where gamers can roleplay as import street racers during the release of the era-changing The Fast and The Furious, and the fans LOVE IT!

There were some odd few games where the game took place in a totally sanctioned and legal racing series but it never caught on.

However, things took a change when popular game developer EA Black Box was replaced by Ghost Games, a developer famous for the popular cult classic Burnout franchise.

The games went from great to questionable as their Need for Speed games were questionable.

There is no doubt that they had great ambitions for their titles, but their games somehow lack polish, content, and longevity.

All of this could change with the newly announced Need for Speed Heat.

So What Is Need For Speed Heat?

Announced on August 15 2019, Need for Speed Heat takes place at Palm City, a fictional representation of Miami, Florida.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

The game’s core feature allows players to race in a sanctioned racing competition by day and participate in illegal street racing by night.

The sanctioned racing competition is known as the Speedhunter Showdown that can only be entered during the day.

Sanctioned racing events can include Race, Drift, Drag, and Off-Road.

Players can earn a high amount of in-game credits there through these legitimate racing events.

In-game credits earned can be used to purchase cars, improve their performance, and modify them through visual customisation.

When the sun sets, players can then participate in illegal street racing events where their rep are put up against the line.

The rep earned in illegal street racing can be used to unlock avatar customization and other additional upgrades for their rides.

However, cops you meet on night shift are faster and much more aggressive and they will do what it takes to shut down street racers.

The Cars

No racing games would be great without an ample amount of cars available for the players to drive.

Need for Speed Heat features over 100 cars that can be bought anytime and they range from classic Japanese tuners to blazing-fast Italian hypercars.

If it is one thing about racing games, where players would love to collect them and share their passion for cars in a racing game.

With an exception to Toyota, players can expect all sorts of manufacturers to make an appearance in the game.

That includes Alfa Romeo, BMW, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, Mazda, Maserati, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Volkswagen, and more.

Even the affordable Tesla Model 3 might make an appearance in the game.

You can also check the list here if you wish to see if your favourite car is gonna make it into the game.

Buttloads of Customisation

When Need for Speed Underground stormed the world with tons of customizations, it quickly became the franchises’ best ace in their sleeve.

Need for Speed Heat returns to the scene with more customization parts than ever.

Almost all cars can be modified and styled to your liking.

We are talking about changing the appearance of your rides bonnet, fenders, boot, spoilers, headlamps, taillamps, exhaust, wheels, tyres, and more.

If it is one thing that no game can beat, it’s the vast amount of customization options from the franchise.

Did we mention that you can now tune the sound of your exhaust produce from your favorite rides? We know we can’t wait for that!

NFS Heat Studio

While the game is still on crunch time, the developers released a new mobile app, ‘Need For Speed Heat Studio’ where users can customize their favorite rides that are found in the game before launch day.

Users can then apply their creations in-game to any unlocked base model and show off their rides in style when the game is released..

The app is available to most mobile devices at both iOS and Android.

Check Out The Gameplay Trailer Here

Explaining what’s new and featured in the game would be madness as it can be turned into a freaking book. Here’s what you need to know in the newly released gameplay trailer of the game.

Need for Speed Heat will be releasing on November 8, 2019 on PS4, X-Box One, and the PC.

You can pre-order now at each individual digital storefront or at your local game store.

You can also pre-order the game through this convenient link where you can select the platform you are using.

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