Stand Up! Move Online! Or You Might Regret It!

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Stand Up! Move Online! Or You Might Regret It!

iPrima Media Saves SMEs From Offline To Online With Less Risk

iPrima :Holding Over 10 News/Media Website

iPrima Media is a company that holds over 10 news/media websites, and they go to save SMEs that affected by the MCO. As to them it’s a mission that they need to do now!

It’s founder Shaun Ling  believes even the MCO is over and our countries have reopened but the effects of Covid-19 will still go on because of the global still in the bad situation. It is cruel, but we need to say that the impact to traditional businesses will be more severe in the coming months.

“Many SMEs, especially traditional businesses, will cease to exist in the coming months if they do not take drastic measures today. The economic landscape has changed, and so has consumer behaviour. We hope that this initiative will be able to empower more SMEs to make the shift to the digital world fast and with minimal risk, ensuring they have a presence, are able to continue to reach customers, and can remain sustainable.”, mentioned Shaun Ling.

iPrima SME Support: A Progam That Move SMEs online

Therefore the iPrima team is running a program called iPrima SME Support that  helping SMEs to move their business from offline to online quickly and less risk with providing them free marketing that includes complimentary online consultation, as well as technical assistance.

iPrima team

iPrima Media Using All Their Resources To Ensure The Program Work Well.

To ensure that they can accomplish this mission, iPrima Media will exhaust all their resources, such as digital talent, regional networks, and media assets, to ensure that all SMEs their support have a smooth transition during this time.

Untill today, iPrima Media ’s digital assets have accumulated more than 10 million total visits per month, and have a diverse talent pool to ensure that they can support technical areas including website creation, visual & graphic design, online marketing (see this table for details) .

SMEs that wish to leverage on this service can submit an application via the button below.
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