Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 Final Coronation

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Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 Final Coronation

Pageant week is over and Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 National Pageant has come to an end. Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 wrapped up with a big bang on Sunday the 28th of April; its Final Coronation.


Sunday night saw the 23 gorgeous finalists compete for one last time in the climax of the pageant. It was held at Meritz Hotel, Miri from 3 pm to 7 pm. In case you missed it, here’s how the Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 Final Coronation went.


Opening With a Huge Bang

opening-dance-miss grand malaysia 2019

Debra Jeanne Poh and the 23 finalists behind her in the midst of the opening dance (Image via Miss Grand International)


Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 Final Coronation opened with gusto and flair. The event opened with Miss Grand Malaysia 2018, Debra Jeanne Poh. She stepped out alluringly onto the stage, clad in a sexy dress. At the front and center, she started to dance.


A few moments later, the 23 beautiful finalists stepped out onto the stage. All were clad in matching flowy skirts and blouses by Borneonative. The girls stepped into formation and served the audience a lively opening dance.


After the dance, the finalists stepped off stage. Then came back onto the stage in groups of four. One by one they stepped forward and introduced themselves with energy. After all 23 finalists introduced themselves, the beautiful emcees, came on stage. The emcees, Shannen Totten and Dan Ling also introduced themselves.


Nur Sajat Aesthetic was highlighted by the emcees as Miss Grand Malaysia 2019’s official presenter. Then, the local celebrity cum cosmetics entrepreneur, Nur Sajat made a huge entrance onto the stage. To wrap up the opening, Nur Sajat presented the first subsidiary title of the night, Miss Viral. Contestant number 11, Malle Christian Anderson was awarded Miss Viral.


The Temperature Raising Swimwear Final

swimwear-miss grand malaysia 2019

A finalist during the Swimwear final (Image via Miss Grand International)


The temperature within the ballroom definitely went up as the swimwear final began. There was no end in sight of legs for days! The beautiful, sexy ladies donned matching Bikini Malaysia swimwear and platform heels.


They all went on stage and strut their stuff one by one. After all 23 finalists gave the audience a show, the next subsidiary title was awarded. The Best in Swimwear title was won by contestant number 20, Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara).


A short moment was taken to mention the Discover More of Sarawak tourism campaign. Miss Grand Malaysia Executive Producer, Joshua O’ Neil and National Director, Jude Benjamin Lisa came on stage. They mentioned that this event was an initiative to support this campaign.


Then the two invited all State Directors for Miss Grand Malaysia onto the stage and gave them awards of appreciation. Kuala Lumpur was then presented with the Best State 2019 award.

best-state-miss grand malaysia 2019

Award for Best State 2019 being handed (Image via Miss Grand International)


The Elegant Evening Gown Final

evening-gown-miss grand malaysia 2019

The finalists in their exquisite evening gowns (Images via Miss Grand International)


The Coronation Night went onto the Evening Gown final. Audiences watched in admiration as the gorgeous finalists strut elegantly on stage. All of them dressed to kill in exquisite evening gowns. One by one the ladies graced the stage in a slow catwalk. All while dreamy, romantic music played in the background. During this the emcees gave commentary.

23 finalists graced the stage and the best one was chosen. The winner of the next subsidiary title, Best in Evening Gown was named. To no surprise, contestant number 20, Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) won this title as well.

best-in-evening gown miss grand malaysia 2019

Best in Evening Gown title winner, finalist number 20. Haraa

To conclude this segment, the emcees announced the Top 12 finalists result. 11 finalists were named and lined up at the front of the stage.
The final 12th spot was saved for the winner of Miss Popular Vote. Who would get to advance to the Top 12 upon winning the title. The emcees announced Miss Popular Vote to be contestant number 5, Emily Chieng Dee Ling.

miss-popular-vote-miss grand malaysia 2019

MIss Popular Vote title winner, finalist number 5. Emily Chieng


The Final Segment; Leading Up To Coronation

miss grand malaysia 2019-coronation

The main winners on stage


The Top 12 finalists continued onto the next segment. One by one, the 12 finalists who were lined up on stage gave an opening statement. The opening statements were on what the finalists wanted the world to know. Many of the statements were in line with Miss Grand International’s main aim. Which is to stop war and end violence

opening-statement-miss grand malaysia 2019

Some of the Top 12 finalists giving their opening statement (Images via Miss Grand International)

Then, to lighten the atmosphere, the audience got serenaded. The performers were angel-voiced Pete Kalang and Clinton Chua.


The final coronation continued by narrowing down the group of Top 12 to Top 5 finalists. This also kicked the competition up a notch as it marked the final segment. The top 5 were named in no particular order.


The five beautiful finalists who successfully made it to the Top 5 were:


  • Saroopdeep Kaur Bath (Saroop) from Perak
  • Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) from Selangor
  • Lishalliny Kanaran (Lisha) from Selangor
  • Mel Dequanne Abar (Mel) from Sabah
  • Julie Minele Senele (Julie) from Sarawak


Then, came probably the toughest part of the final coronation for the finalists. The heated Q&A session began. Each Top 5 finalist took turns answering separate questions on socially relevant topics.


The Q&A session concluded. Then, Kota Kinabalu was announced as the Miss Grand Malaysia 2020 host city.


The Coronation of Miss Grand Malaysia 2019

top 3 miss grand malaysia 2019

The Top 3 Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 winners. Saroop (1st Runner-up), Mel (Winner), and Haraa (2nd Runner-up).


Finally! The moment everyone had been waiting for came. It was time to crown Miss Grand Malaysia 2019. But first, the emcees invited Debra Jeanne Poh, Miss Grand Malaysia 2018 on stage. It was a bittersweet moment for last year’s winner. Her reign had come to an end and it was time to name a new Miss Grand Malaysia. She gave an emotional last speech and made her final walk as Miss Grand Malaysia 2018.


Who would be crowned Miss Grand Malaysia 2019? The Top 5 finalists stood nervously on stage as the award presenters joined them on stage. Miss Clara Sosa, Miss Grand International 2018 had the honors of crowning the winners. Alongside her were Debra Jeanne Poh and main pageant presenter Nur Sajat.


Finalist number 20, Miss Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) was named 3rd Runner-up. Then, Saroopdeep Kaur Bath (Saroop) and Mel Dequanne Abar (Mel) were named as Top 2 finalists. So, who would be the winner and main title winner?


In the tensest moment of the night, Shannen Totten finally announced Mel Dequanne Abar as Miss Grand Malaysia 2019. Her happiness was evident as she started tearing up while getting crowned.


The Beautiful Winners of The Final Coronation

winner-mel-dequanne-miss grand malaysia 2019winner mel dequanne miss grand malaysia 2019

Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 winner, Mel Dequanne Abar (Images via Miss Grand International)


The biggest title of the night, and the title that the whole pageant has lead up to is the Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 tiltle. Besides that, 4 subsidiary titles were up for grabs. Of which were Miss Social Media, Best in Swimwear, Best in Evening Gown, and Miss Popular Vote. 


The subsidiary title winners were:


  • Miss Viral – 11, Malle Christian Anderson (Malle) from Sabah
  • Best in Swimwear – 20, Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) from Selangor
  • Best in Evening Gown – 20, Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) from Selangor
  • Miss Popular Vote – 5, Emily Chieng Dee Ling from Sarawak


The main winners of the night and top 3 Miss Grand Malaysia finalists were:


  • 2nd Runner-up – Haaraneei Muthu Kumar (Haara) from Selangor
  • 1st Runner-up – Saroopdeep Kaur Bath (Saroop) from Perak
  • Winner and Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 – Mel Dequanne Abar (Mel) from Sabah


A Night to Remember

winner-miss grand malaysia 2019

Miss Grand Malaysia 2019, Mel Dequanne Abar receiving her prize


It was a momentous night for Miri, Sarawak. The chance to host Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 National Pageant was an amazing new opportunity. And a great initiative to support the Discover More of Sarawak campaign.


The event concluded and marked the end of a successful pageant week. On the Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 National Pageant stage was a mix of emotions. Some full of joy, some sad it came to an end, and some disappointed with the results. Nonetheless congratulations to all the girls despite the results. They all did such a great job.


A big thanks to the event presenter and sponsors. Without them, the event would not have been able to go as smoothly. Thank you to Nur Sajat Aesthetic, Clarel’s Malaysia, Nufinity White, and Borneo Medispa. Not to forget Bumijaya Kiara Biotech Sdn. Bhd.

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