Christmas Traditions in Miri

Christmas Tradition 2018

Christmas Traditions in Miri

Christmas is without a doubt the most anticipated holiday on the calendar. It’s the time full of joy with your loved ones.

Miri Times Square

Christmas has its own tradition. From expecting Santa to fill our footwear with gifts to eating cake that looks like tree bark, the holidays are filled with traditions—some of which are downright odd, when you stop and think about them.

But….what makes Christmas different in Miri? What’s our tradition? Hang around and find out.

The Most Anticipated Parade 

The Christmas Miri City Parade has been a tradition for Mirians to join every year since its inception in 2008. Churches from various denomination come together under the veil of Christmas Celebration.

Miri City Christmas Parade 2018

Image via Sim Kui Hian Facebook

This parade is a beautiful display of how class or status of someone doesn’t matter when it comes to celebrating Christmas in one big community. Everyone from different walks of life are invited and welcomed to celebrate together. 

Miri City Christmas Parade 2018

Image via Sim Kui Hian Facebook


What is Christmas without going Ngabang with friends. Often times, food and company will be the main factor for each of us going to ngabang. Times may have changed but the tradition of going ngabang will not be going away, not for a very long time.

*Ngabang = Means visiting in the Iban language*

Christmas Ngabang

Christmas is also that time of the year where we get to meet friends and family that we haven’t met for a while. This trumps any other factors that may seem plausible at current time.

Durian Christmas Trees

In Miri, the only winter known to us are the never ending rainy season. Hence, getting ourselves pine trees for Christmas seemed to be out of reach. Plus, imagine all the mess our house will be in if we get ourselves a real pine tree? In America they have pine tree. Meanwhile in Sarawak, we have Durian christmas tree. 

Durian Christmas Tree

Image via Juz Juzz Ting

The closest thing to a real Christmas tree is a fake pine tree made out of plastics. These so-called Christmas tree can be easily found in Bintang Megamall, Boulevard or the evergreen Super Save.

Christmas gotong-royong

For families that went back to their hometowns, a Christmas gotong-royong will be a must do thing for big families. This act not only strengthen family bond, but also keep house clean and prepped for the waves of visitors coming for ngabang during Christmas. 

Plus, for city bound peeps will get to experience an authentic gotong-royong different from city settings.


We don’t do turkey, but we do have ayam pansoh, kelupis, an occasional pasta and pies, kueh lapis, and laksa. And goodness me, one thing that separates from the rest is we more than often have two sections of food servings for the guests.

*Ayam pansoh = Chicken cooked in bamboo*

*Kelupis = Sticky rice in banana leaf*

Christmas Food

One section will be the halal section and one will be the non-halal section. Our ngabang guests come from various backgrounds and by catering two sections of food servings, we can cater for more people and have more people coming for ngabang.

Perhaps, the word tradition made us sound like what we do yearly is routine, a program that runs it course on a set number of coding and programs. But that is what actually made it special.

All these exciting activities like Christmas Parade, Christmas day itself and the such makes it exciting and as a countdown for us Mirians. Days flown by, hours passed by, it is exciting to think that the days are inching closer.

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